Thursday, September 2, 2010


I had watch these both movies with VINC..=)
always watch movie with popcorn and soft drinks is the best!! 
Burger match with cola/pepsi also nice..
you miss it if after a time..

For me this 2 movie quite unique lah..
a bit LAME..serious!!
but i still prefer to watch HONG KONG movie lo..xD

Anyway..enjoy ur day with movies!!
Have a nice day..

always remember:

Life is short and we live it only once. 

Every minute we spend on being unhappy is a minute of happiness we lose.

 When we slip and fall, 

would we want to spend a lot of time being upset,

 or would it be better to get back up,

 dust ourselves off and either to try again or do something else?

cheers up all my friends!!

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