Saturday, September 4, 2010

Vinc coming later..xD

Arhhh!! You know?
I'm been so BEK CEK since yesterday..=(
Even no mood to sleep yesterday..

I keep on changing my blog template..
Hiah..Now actually still not satisfy with the template that i apply now..
Anyway..Keep it in this way 1st..
I wan to design a new poster for this blog again...
I cant pay attention on my studies!

By the way..I found my camera getting poor in focusing..
How lea? Want to cry!! T-T
Boh Lui (no money) to buy a new digital camera!!=(
Wait my PTPTN loan get in my bank account 1st bha.....

My housemate she bought a cookie yesterday..It is interesting!!
Unique right?

LOL..My honey Vinc will come to KL..!!xD
so nice and i cant wait for it~

Have a nice day!
*Dunno what is happen to google..cant upload photos today..
Did u facing the same problem?

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