Friday, September 3, 2010

New Image!!!

At 1st i saw this back ground im not really happy with it..=(
You know?
It is too SHINNY!!

Im getting headache and bek cek..I also dunno what to do..
All my beloved BLOGGERS..
Pls left your comment down there let me know..
How is this blog template look like..

Thanks ya!! Appreciate it so much!!=)
Im so tired of designing and changing the blog's template and gadgets..

Sharing is Caring..xD

Share smth today..I use HAI MIAN BAO BAO..

See? same like in the photo!! 
It is easy and only use 1 minute gao dim..xD

This is my hair bun!! How is it??
Make it a bit messy and u will look more fashion..xD

Ohya..You know how this curly hair get it??
Tell you..a secret@@
Is after i take off that HAI MIAN BAO BAO..

then you put a bit WAX and SPRAY it..
it will become more firm and look more in 3D..xD
How is it?
Is it temptating you?LOL..
Life is easy!!
Stay happy and keep your life full of creativity and innovative!!

Anyway..A test is hunting me on next TUESDAY!!=(
Wish me luck k?and God bless me..
Have a nice and blessed day friends@@


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