Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy Mid Autumn Festival =)

Arhhh! I've been so BEK CEK since i start to re-decorate my header picture. >.<'' It really make me so frustrated and even want to smash my lappie. Huh! WT-Hell. Anyway, nothing can beat me down. I tried many times and God did listen to me, after the header picture uploaded and it still can acceptable. LOL. I hate the Google always change their setting or it work abnormally. Damn it. Make me get into anger! 

Okay, back to my main topic. Let's chat something that is happy. >.<'' Did you notice that good luck always comes after BAD lucks? I always believe it. Sometimes really make us fall into depression but if you dare to stand up and face it, actually is easy one. Nothing can beat you down unless you give up yourself. All the best! =) 

Happy Mid Autumn Festival 
Happy Mooncake Festival 
in a very common way.

I don't really celebrate it. No activities over here. How pity is me. Sigh. Anyone can help me? I want MOONCAKE! >,< I want Green Tea one. Until now i still haven't try it. What i made before is Pandan, Lian Rong and Red bean Mooncake. Anyway, mooncake not really tempting me. =P

Last week i had been to Terengganu, My Bf's hometown. =) There are some activities are launching. One of them is Pesta TangLung. That night was 9pm something. Almost reach midnight. It is near to seaside. It's cold. 

What i felt unique here is the colourful bridge. It can change to many colours. But i only manage to capture few nice picture, hope you all can enjoy it. =) Ohya, before that, I want to show you all an ugly photo. Most of his friend said --> i fat jor. >.<'' Gosh, i need to push even harder to drop my weight. 

My goodness!! I cant accept it! =='' I need a dietitian to help me for balance my diet! I lost my way to keep fit. All return it to the my nutrition that teach me previously!

My Vinc was standing there. *Watching Amoi down there* Aiks! >.<

Feel nice right? Ooops.. Nicer pictures are waiting you down there. LOL

Waw. If you got chance to walk here. Don't forget to bring along your loves one. It is romantic and sweet to walk by. Some more the fresh air is always blew onto your face due to the wind from seaside. Love it. Thanks honey for intro such a nice place to me. =)

Nice right?

I cant show you all how exactly this bridge look like. Sorry* Wait i buy a professional camera 1st! =D Maybe after working life? LOL. No ones know. 
Ya! My main point come now. Kong Ming Deng *孔明灯*
Let's read about it's History. =)

则以竹削成的篦组成。孔明灯可大可小,可圆形也可长方形。一般的孔明灯是用竹片架成圆桶形,外面以薄白纸密密包围而开口朝下。 欲点灯升空时,在底部的支架中间绑上一块沾有煤油或花生油的粗布或金纸,放飞前将油点燃,

Still no idea about what is *孔明灯*?
Here is it. =D

Yes babe! This is the thing that i mention just now. I play it. Is a kind of event that you can write about your dream and what thing you want to become true onto the skin of this *孔明灯*.

LOL. What a silly wish that i made. But i really hope it can become true one day, it's fly. =)
Love it! 1st time in my life experience it! 

It's fly away already! =D
My dream will come true soon! 

Last week i did celebrate it with my beloved family and as well as my bf's family. You can read my previous post that show mooncake photos. *I made it my own*  Appreciate what they do for me. I will always remember how powerful is family love. Enjoy the mooncake! But don't ever match it with beer or soft drinks because it might make your gastric work even harder due to the food chemical reaction. Drinks more water! It can make your body always stay healthy and have brighter with smooth skin. 

Last but not least, show you some SS photos that i love. 1st 2 picha without make up. Proud with my big eyes! LOL

I dunno why i love this photo so much. Just share. =P

How you celebrate your Mid Autumn Festival ? Tell me ya! =)
 Have a nice day and God bless!



  1. Happy belated Mooncake Festival for you...(:

  2. Thanks Celeste. If go time go there for traveling!
    Happy belated mooncake festival to you both. =)

  3. hey Jacqueline thx for visiting my blog often hee.. & I love the floating lantern! hope your dreams come true

  4. Thanks Nicolette. =D
    Hope we can become best friend in future! Winks*

  5. hey nice picture of you :)and man why did you say you're fat? gosh you look slim in the photos! and great autumn festival celebration you had. fml. i ended up doing nothing :(

  6. When you will be going back to Malaysia? I'm from Sarawak too. Wish to meet up wit you prettie. =D

    Don't sad. I'm always there for u!