Thursday, September 9, 2010

HAI MIAN BAO BAO-Tutorial 1st life to do a hair tutorial..
Anyway..I try my best to explain okay??
Thanks for support!xD

The effect will be like this..=X
Look so weird coz i make a bit up only..hahah

This is my hair accessory:

Scarf, rubber band and HAI MIAN BAO BAO in plastic form.. 


This is my hair..quite long already..
*Syok! Coz i wait my hair getting longer since last few years!

Ya! This i wan you all tide..
This is the 1st step..xD


Then you put all you hair into the big hole of that HAI MIAN BAO BAO..
and you pull your HAI MIAN BAO BAO to the 1/3 end of your hair..

Ya..pull until 1/3 end of your hair..xD


Then you fold or twist your HAI MIAN BAO BAO forward..
Can??Easy right?LOL

After that lea, you combine both end of the HAI MIAN BAO BAO..
Then it will become a circle..
and try to make it messy..dont too tidy coz it look old fashion!xP
All the best! 
You can Decorate your hair bun with scarf or other flowers!

You know?
Scarf can make into RIBBON!
Must take a look on this video clip..xD

She is a famous can find her video at YOUTUBE..
Nice right?Rate!! How much?LOL

I really hate my *stupid camera* flashing anytime!=(

Ohya! Here is another TUTORIAL~
So nice! By 3 famous BLOGGER~enjoy it..It is cute~=D

Today i received my Contact Lens!!
OMG~I love it~
Keep on SS lea..Look like MAD gal..

hahhaa~Photos below i capture using my housemate digital camera..
I dunno when i just got chance to own a good camera..

Look like DA JIE..xD

This one look like RABBIT..LOL

Mirror shooting@@ Yeah! Finish..hahahahahhaha
Enjoy those nonsense shooting?

LOL..Time to bed! Hope you all enjoy the photos!xD
I dun wan VINC sleep 1st..
It happen yesterday, coz after he told me he sleep 1st..
I felt like something unusual!

I hate that feeling..
Maybe he care me too much..However I love it!
I want to be you BABY forever..>,<

Good Night!! 
Sweet dream and God Bless You all~Loves*


  1. nice wor... but i dun like that blogger... dont tell anyone! XD LOL!

  2. come?
    I dislike another blogger!!
    she photoshop alot..isn't real~
    Thanks..i will keep it up~