Thursday, December 2, 2010

Expression?? Wondering..

Wondering why i put this EXPRESSION as my post title today. 
I also dunno the reason. =P
Yesterday i did a very dangerous things! Even all my friends keep on scolding me y do such a foolish thing. Is it? But for me as long i can meet him, i don't care what will going to happen next. Love is powerful, isn't? 

Yahh, dunno why i felt so brave last night. LOL.

*Missing the moment that we are together!*

I was heading to Kuantan ALONE without telling him. But seriously i miss him too much, i cannot stand with quarreling most of the time. I'm the girl who always love to win during QUARREL period. Everytime finish arguing each other, then my tears start to drop. wtf

On the way leaving KL,i kept on thinking the love story that a girl post in her facebook. It make me cry n cry n cry. I really he did the same thing for me, I don't want to be alone in this world. Kinda suffering and boring without you, Vinc. T^T

*I won jor 3D Narnia ticket but i reserve it to Christy and Amy NingNing. Hope you both enjoy it last night! I will watch with my loves on next Wednesday. <3

Perhaps this video clip fill my braveness. Thanks, and I found that i always miss him till moody! LOL. Although sometime his action really make me unhappy and depressed.

No worries to all my beloved friends, he sayang me so much last night and also now onwards! Sleep damn tight and soundly! Nothing can compare with the power of love. Appreciate ur lover/partner always, sometime the way he do like this sure got his own reason, maybe sometime it is quite over, but i think the 101% reason is because HE LOVE YOU!

Hug n kiss u back VINC, XOXOXOXOXOXOXO! x)

LOL. damm sweet! Yesterday i was shouting some words to him.
Listen, it's hurt :

 I really jealous why other couples can stay for several years without quarreling! Why we cant become like that? Why we need to quarrel? Sigh! Is my fault or ur fault? Har?! Erm, perhaps i dunno what is long distance relationship! (Fierce, right?)

Yahh, when i read back this msg, tears drop. I know i hurt jor him, I know he cried when he read this msg, i think i'm not mature enough to face this relationship. SORRY, Vinc. <3
He dun scold back me, just kept silent there. I know i'm over, only this guy can stand with my hot-tempered. No else can replace him as well.

Okie, will share more picha with my beloved Vinc. =P

Here is my GANG's photos. Hehe! Will share more SOON!
Start from left: Me, Joey, Jojo and Christy! Oops! Lost jor Christopher! ><''

*lazy to upload liaw. xP

Have a nice day! Blast!