Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ladies Day!

wtf wtf wtf!!
I'm so tired with the lady day today!
Enjoy till the max! LOL, 1st time since final exam! Yahh, it is awesome and i never think that it is so amaze and superb ever! =D
Thanks to Joey, Jocelyn and Christy! sure, I myself. LOL

This is my look today! How is it? LOL, this cloth present by my love one. Love it so much, make me so mature in stead of pretty! wtf

Today I went to Nuffnang's Company! Damn happy! =D

I meet Xianxian to get the shopping voucher that i won previously. Hehe, at 1st im really wondering how nuffnang's company will look like, guess??xD

It design in ORANGE colour! the colour that will make every people happy! Hmmm.. Love it so much, all Nuffnang's stuffs are friendly and nice! <3 Hope to see them again! <3

LOL, this is the door to enter the Nuffnang office, hehehe! Christy, Joey and I busy taking photo of it. LOL

Thanks Nuffnang! Love it so much! Muahhhhh..going to TANGS at Pavilion after that!

Here is another free treatment! From Slim Fit.
After we went to nuffnang then i go Time square for free treatment! Gosh, it really works for bust enhancement! wtf 
but it really painful..><''
4 free treatment for us! But only me go for it. Sigh, coz no extra space for the rest!

 LOL, thanks Joey for UNIQLO's vouchers! =D
Love u so so much!
Hehe, guess the 2nd picha's stuffs is for who?

LOL, is for my dearest VINC! Christmas Present! Gosh! ---> 1st time i present underwear for him, and also hubby, wtf, damn paiseh!

Okay lah, wait for more update in photos shooting, we really shoot alot at Bukit Bintang area, fooling around like a mad but we did enjoy it! it is awesome! =D

Good Night lah, Muackssssss! <3


  1. Free UNIQLO vouchers. Lucky you! Have you used them yet? I'm loving the leggings from UNIQLO at the moment, I love the funky, unique styles and their HEATTECH leggings are heat generating so keep you cosy warm :)

  2. Yupp! me too^^ I bought a pair of leggings, damn nice and easy to match with too. <3

    and the rest most i bought for my dear, it is gorgeous when he wear it. =P