Tuesday, December 28, 2010

X'mas is passed! Now we looking forward for 2011 New Year!

I'm BACK!!

I was at Kuantan for this long long holiday! With my dear dear for sure! :P
Miss my family that enjoy so much at grandparents house, KCH with my uncle's family and cousin. It's been a long time that we didn't gathering already!

So, how is ur Christmas Day? 

I went back to KT with Vinc on the night of 24 Dec, this journey take 2 hours+- as well. Some more greeting seasons, everywhere crowed with human and cars, isn't ? LOL

I kept on change clothes due to Vinc dislike the way i design myself! LOL! Some more little quarrel occurs that night, but fine after that, so no worries! We heading back to KT!! x)

We countdown at Champs, KT. I enjoy a lot with DJ and songs there! Most important!! *alcohol*
LOL, but i cant drink much, easy to feel dizzy. :(

BTW, MATA love to block everywhere during greeting seasons! so be clever lah! ;P

Took in the car! *happy*

I spend my days with Vinc's family, found that Vinc sayang me more. :$
I cook dinner and i really felt like i live with my own family, this make me miss my family more! Do appreciate the time with family, it is *gold time* and if u miss this moment and it never come back!

Christmas is passed! And 2011 New Year is coming! How to celebrate? Waiting for Vinc give me surprise.:P


I took a funny photo here! Look like ninja. LOL! Vinc said like old woman. *SAD*

How is it? Isn't funny? AhaAHH! :S
LOL, just for entertainment. Hmmm, i can try this hair style when i'm going to shopping! :D

Don't want to go back KL, it's like HELL..
My new sem begin on 3rd Jan 2011, it is so fast! and yet! I haven't ready, sobs sobs. Hate that kind of feeling. Hope it never come. T-T

Yesterday i experience driving at PENISULA, aiks! Damn horrible, Vinc want to be passenger and ask me to drive!! Hmm, till now i'm still phobia with it. West Malaysia is not like East Malaysia! They dare to drive! :S

Then we went to giant and bought jor many goods. So sweet that can enjoy shopping with dearest! <3

How funny is his face! :P

Not too much we bought cos i don't want to increase my weight. Heheh! :P
Maintain or decrease a little bit for CNY, hope i manage to do it lah. If not fit and slim dress unable to be mine, LOL!!

2011 New Year!! I'm coming!! x)