Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My 1st post in 2011.. =)

Such a long time that i din extract a bit of time to myself to BLOG. x)
Now i still in holiday mood although the class started. Sobs! Hate the life that going back to Uni, such a long, bored, busy life at KL here! 

Today i just settle my PTPTN, how scare and nervous when the moment want to summit the form, scare they will reject my paper as they did to other ppl. Luckily all my certs and document 100% passed. =)
Standing for hours just want to verify and summit the doc, how mad we are. Stand until our leg want patah! ><''

Hmm, lets go back to happy memorable moment! O.o

Ya, i spend my countdown night with my bf, and his gangs! It is awesome weekend. 
First, we took our dinner at East Cost Mall, Kuantan. The night b4 2011 really crowded with human! All waiting for countdown and fire works around Kuantan. Not bad lah, I love it, thanks Vinc. =)

Honey and Me! =)

LOL! I hope he dun angry cos i change his profile picha! Love this pose so much!

He order plum juice and it taste so nice! But it is cold so he refuse to let me taste too much!=(

Then he order this for me, taste so sweet because of the corns. ^^

Yam cake! Super delicious when u mix with the souse. =D

Papper mee! Damn nice and I order maggie me! wtf

After eat, then we went to lim teh with his gangs, from KT. Hmm, Vinc said they might be play a jokes with him, cos he dun believe his friend will come to Kuantan to meet him up! LOL. It's not a joke, they arrived after half an hour. Heard that KT certain place got flood and got some place having the problem of water level increase at road area which can influence the traffic.
Anyway, now no more. Thanks God! =)

Hmm, that night after dinner, i ate penang kueh tiaw as my supper somemore! FAT! wth
We also ate friend fish? I dunno how it's name it. x)

Whatever lah, then we countdown at Kopitiam, after that we went to Bistro, for alcohol-ing. =P But as usual, he dun let me drink, LOL. But i enjoy so much because the boss of the bistro was a angmo! Super friendly and his bistro feel like oversea's one!=D

Can u see what is this? LOL, this is black rose made by black tissue paper! LOL!
Unbelievable right? Actually it is very easy to make it. will teach u all in next few post. x)

The following days i was enjoy shopping with my dearest Vinc! and his gangs and his wife! Vinc send me back to KL lea, the day he leave me (Sunday) really make me so sad, he really treat me super nice! Even he dunno the road at KL, but he still want to drive me back. =(

Going back to KL. Shop, play and enjoy at KL is nice! but stay at KL is terrible! 
Don't tell him! LOL. If not he will show this face!

How cute is him. LOL. 
Recently i edited one picha! LOL, those who got follow up me sure c that picha b4. x) 

How is it? LOL, i love it. I edit everything on my face! wtf

Time to bed, Night peeps! x)


  1. nice hanging out time wif the bf. have fun with study! dont be emo even though i really hate going to school. guess try to be more positive about study haha :)

  2. Okies, hehe.. Wish u find ur true love one day too! Gonna miss u so much. =)

  3. teehee i luv how u edit ur bf's pix XD not bad woh teehee<3

  4. Thanks Domokun, hehe! When is ur turn to find one? LOL