Tuesday, June 25, 2013

G design!

OMG, first time I'm so mad with bags!
My fav bag!

If I dont get it in this contest, I guess I'm gonna fly back KL and buy one! So pretty! T__________T

BTW here is the contest!

*DO read their T&C :)
And stay turn for their next Guess bag contest!

Pretty right?
Oh my, I was aiming a *Coach bag but some how a bit too expensive for me.
As a novice, I think any hand bags will do, as long can carry stuffs, especially heavy stuffs. lol

In this contest, they required us to make a creative G.
Screw my brain actually.

I love drawing a lot. But it was almost ..N.. years i didn't DRAW jor.

Actually I was using G design for the girl face, and the guy face was the reflection.
lol but end up with nothing look like G.

A bit upset.
Then imma trying another software to play around.


And a heart shape coming out. lol
So i turn it up side down.

Unbelievable this software can give such a perfect effects. lol

Next is double reflection.

And I found out the girl's hair look like G actually!
So I decided to use this pic.

Unexpected outcome.
Anyway, there are more creative G at Instagram! Search the tag #GUESSMYBAG and u will see it.

lol boh hope already!

*my bf said i was copying any comic pic!
No it was not! I draw it from my brain.
Somehow i only draw comics, other than that, all drawing i draw really sucks.

Short update from my blog!
Gonna work hard a bit for my abs. :P

Don't wanna gain weight because for HOLIDAY. Gosh, don't give uppppppppppppppppp!

*Happy Reading*


  1. Your drawing is great! :)
    All the best!

  2. 你画得很好看啊!

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