Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Holiday at Hometown

Coming back to hometown since 1st of June! I'm HOME, Sarawak.
Kinda miss KL, events, freelances etc etc...

Especially my boyfiee, Vinc. :'(

Damn miss him.
Really wondering how they can stand for long distance relationship.
I can't. I can't.

Love sick damn killing me. T____________________________T

Bang! Thanks God bf is staying at KL with me. Really appreciate and REALLY Love to be with him. Makes my life so wonderful, colourful and awesome.

Cried like hell when the moment he sent me to airport. He answered me that I'm not going back Sarawak forever, only for one and half months, then will fly back KL again.

The ppl who miss me a lot is my family.
Ya, perhaps. Have to make them equivalence.


OK, today is the actual day for DUMPLING day! Have your dumpling already?

Yeap! We ate our dumpling for twice since last few weeks.
Today everyone is working and my brother otw back to KL now.

He only start his class on 1st of July, now he went back to KL for what also dunno -.-

The production. Lol dumpling!!

Woots, I know it's not pyramid but it is pillow shape. lol
These are cantonese dumpling you can only found in Sarawak. I guess I didn't see any pillow dumpling at KL. Anyone?

Didn't manage to took a pic and share with you all after it cooked.

Tell you, taste damn nice!

lol don't kill me.


Another interest thing happen to me is I start to love exercise dance!

by Jung Da Yeon.
I bought her book and CD last month if you followed my instagram then you will know.

She is a 47 years old mum, but look like 20+ years old.
She practice healthy lifestyle and exercise at least 30 minutes per day to maintain her sexy  body!

She shared her every experience with us! Amazing!
Now my sisters and me practice it everyday.

I almost have flat tummy! I can do it babeh. 

Wish after im given birth, I'm still that sexy! :P

Visit her website for more details. Tadaa~~~~~~~

One day while we all doing exercise aerobic dance with all my siblings, my mum's old classmate who migrates to Melbourne comes back to Malaysia and visit my mum.

She is a trainer as well. Cool :)

We all gonna slim down.
Gonna gahyao.

Mum said she lost contact with her since kinder-garden. Luckily got FB, now only find back each other.
Next time can go Melbourne jor.

Okays! Till then.

*Happy Reading*

I will flying back to KL on 20 July ;)


  1. is the ingredients of pillow dumpling actually same with the normal pyramid dumpling? So curious I never tried pillow dumpling b4 haha

  2. Happy Dumpling Day too! I've never tried a pillow dumpling ehhh. Ohh you fly back quite late, I'll be flying back few days earlier hehe

  3. Domokun: haha if got chance I made pillow dumpling at kl and let you all try. Hahaha the ingredients a bit different from others.

    Hilda: I tot Sarawak everywhere got. :P our class start at 23 July and its our final year. Finally

  4. my mom adores the Korean lady as well! and she tried her exercise routines like full with determination, but her passion only lasted for 2 months hahah ;)

  5. Or maybe you need to motivate your dear mum. Hehe since she love the Korean lady so much. Lol

    My sis lost 6kg within one month!!