Monday, June 3, 2013

Self Shoot Session

Try to figure out how to take a nice photo with my new camera.

Tried so many times, and i consult my photographers as well. 
Not easy to take a good angle pic with camera, with flip over screen.


I took this pic just because i wanna show my abs. sweat.
Flat jor but still dont have shape. -.-
My trainer said need more than 3 months to built it up, since i dont have determination. FAILED.

Better take pic in this way. lol

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Love this picture the most, guess most natural pic ever. Good angle as well. :P

Following few pic im really lazy to put watermark. lol
Angle really important to make u look slim lol

lol syok sendiri.
I think every girls love take picture by their own, only they know themselves damn well.

It is better fit yourself in the photo, high angle, if possible sun light is facing you! then snap! Then you gonna be very pretty in the picture :)


Overall, this camera not bad la, fulfill my requirement. lol


  1. ehhhh u semakin hari semakin pretty liao la u !!!!! <3<3<3 !!!!