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Maybank GO Ahead. Challenge 2014

24 April, 2014 - Media Release on Maybank GO Ahead. Challenge 2014 at GSC Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur.

Maybank Go Ahead. Challenge 2014, this year is the 3rd season already!
it is an exciting international business case competition that's offer brightest young thinking from Malaysia as well as ASEAN! By this challenge, we can exhibit their potential in multi-discipline and multi-national initiative with world-class experience, exclusively design and organised by Maybank!

It is something like amazing race, you will see a series of challenges specially designed to stretch participants' hidden potential, pushing them to the limit and lastly complete the Maybank's mission to humanise financial services.

It's coming soon on August 2014!

All about Maybank GO Ahead. Challenge

1. Maybank GO Ahead. Challenge 2014, launched by Nora Abdul Manaf, Group Chief Human Capital Officer, Maybank,which test the participants in multiple disciplines, included marketing, or stock-broking or finance which can give them reflection on how they can do business, bringing the whole particular Bank to the customer once they enter the working world.

2. It also give participants to have the a super challenge experience of team work, whereby when strangers from different nationalities, are your team members! In this moment, they have to forget everything, and work as a team, in a short period of them to accomplish a mission.

3. Finalists also participate in a corporate responsibility initiative to enable them to experience their first time humanising mission that Maybank embraced.

4. It offers finalists a fast pass to marquee Graduate Entry level programme - The Global Maybank Apprentice Programme, which is a graduate development programme to accelerate the development for talent juniors.

5. Winner in international grand finals can win total cash prizes of USD 72,000. Whereby The Ultimate GO Ahead challenger in individual will be awarded with USD 1000 cash plus a two-week internship experience in New York!
Not only that, challenger can be win exclusive participation in Maybank's Global Leadersip Development Programme with the Bank's most influential top 50 leaders to exchange ideas, engage in intellectual discourse as well as sharing their thoughts.

Isn't cool?
Now Maybank GO Ahead. Challenge 2014 have finalists from Pakistan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philipines, Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, and Thailand!

Okay, let me blog about event that day x)

Attend this event with Hilda, thank you Manoah for the inviting!
Drinks, desserts and tidbits are all prepared.

Sparkling juice, thought was white or red wine.
In this kind of launching event, everything should be halal one x)

Was full of media and guests! Press release gonna start soon and also there's a short VCR by Maybank for the past 1sr and 2nd season of Maybank GO Ahead Challenge!

And I met Jiayeen in this Maybank event, just to get know that she actually working in Maybank since last year. Previously she is an active blogger and model too! Now she is like super-woman for me! Love the way she is now, my role model x)

The girl inside this banner was her! OMG, she is everywhere now x)

Next we going to press release of Nora Abdul Manaf, Group Chief Human Capital Officer, Maybank.

Q and A session begin after Pn Nora have explain what's the goals, important, challenge of this Maybank GO Ahead Challenge 2014.
After that, we head to cinema with free coke and popcorn to enjoy the VCR!

Full of media, everyone are so exited about the VCR!

Handsome angmo MC, no idea who is it but the way he give speech is damn cool.

Sitting together with Hilda, enjoying the VCR as there's a lot of memories btwn the participants on 1st and 2nd Maybank GO Ahead Challenge previously, included sad or happy memory.
This remind me some of my past similar seminar or camp, all about something beyond your limit as well as team work!

Again, Pn Nora give speech about Maybank GO Ahead, Challenge 2014, including what's going to happen in this 3rd season, it's gonna be more exited and challenge compare last few seasons, she mentioned that she won't give too much info about this, we all gonna wait and see how's 3rd Maybank GO Ahead Challenge 2014 gonna be! x)

My best shot for my poor camera, didn't manage to get them to look at me. LOL
Here's the media shoot :)

Another picture! :)

Except for Pn Nora :)

Kit for Maybank Go Ahead Challenge!

So if you are a business student, don't miss this change to grab this gold chance to challenge yourself to exceed your limit!

Event end, stay tune for the Maybank Go Ahead Challenge 2014, on this coming August!

We manage to get our picture of the event! :)
Lastly, I met a new friend, Jessica!

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