Monday, July 14, 2014

[Review] Aloevera Snail Mask from Thailand

Today I'm going to try out this snail mask with aloevera, which I bought this from 7-11 shop in Bangkok! As Joey tried it out at first at Bangkok and found it is very nice, so I decided to buy few and try it out! Guess what the whitening and smoothing effects are damn fast!

So let me show you the face before the mask-ing. Yeah just tear from the opening.

Then apply 2-3 drops, then gently massage the mask over the face *except the eyes*, wait for 10-15 minutes until the mask is dry ( I applied it for 15 mins).

Just a little bit then it can cover all over your face. It will tighten your facial skin as well, so just relax yourself, and don't talk and laugh during mask *I know I cant because when I'm doing this mask both of my sisters are laughing at me because of the creepiness D:*


Then after 15 mins, wash off with clean water.


Exciting right?
I was waiting that 15 mins to over and check out the effect!

It gives smoothing, whitening, and also reduce redness effects! And I love it so much!

Seriously no cheating, my face now same colour with my neck colour now! Check out my 2nd pic that give 2 different colour btwn my face and my neck. *oops*

You can apply it for 3 times a week.
Ingredients: Snail Extract, Allantoin, Collagen,Elastin, Vitamin A, C, E, AHA, Protein, Aloe Vera extract. 

After doing some research, snail mask is very effective for whitening and oil control. But if you're having sensitive skin, pls consult beauty professional before you USE it because it might cause acne!

BTW you also can get it at Ebay - here!
If you're going to Bangkok, remember to check it out at any 7-11 shop as there's always variety of mask you can try it out included this aloevera snail mask! XD

Enjoy! Thanks for reading my post :D

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