Wednesday, October 8, 2014

[Review] Fashion Addict - Jones April


Yeap, recently I kinda fall into fashion addict as I really don't want to get outdated among BLOGGERS! ;P

I'm gonna introduce you guys JONES APRIL - it is a fashion accessories shop, you can get it at! Their followers in Instagram exceed 58k++ & it is still counting! What a big achievement for a blog shop ;)

Today I'm gonna introducing their fashion item from Jones April!

But before I go into their Fashion Items, I'm gonna introduce them first!

Who are Jones April?
Jones April is an online store which sell top fashion accessories & it is 100% from South Korea! Zhengye Company has been founded & established since 1998, and it growing non-stop until today.

Jones April started on 2013  based in Malaysia.

So basically they sell high quality of accessories in the online market that you sometimes can't see in the market! This is because all these accessories have been chose carefully by fashion buyer - Miss He Yuange.

It famous known as limited edition, outstanding design, affordable as well as reasonable and quality products!

They emphasis on:

1. Quality control
- So far so many fashion accessories I bought online, I felt that Jones April accessories got the quality among the others. (because the rest might from T.B?)

2. Friendly Customer Service
- Seriously I want a good customer service rather than others. This is because lots of seller the serve customers with attitude of ''because-this-is-my-job''. I feel so comfortable to deal with Jones April throughout their shopping! If we found any problem of finding the item during shopping, they will provide us the best support to help us! What a wonderful shopping ;)

3. Perfect Purchase system
Ohya, they provide very special purchase system, as if customer received the products within 3 days, they're eligible to return the product without any reason! Cool, right? So as long as customers are not satisfied with Jones April products, you just return it & buy other items! ;)

Let's see what's I got from Jones April?

Taadaa! My crown ring & bling bling hair clip! Let's have a close up picture ;)

Pretty right? How I'm gonna present them on my recent fashion? As recently I like to make myself prettier :P

1. Adjustable Crown Ring
- Seriously I like this ring so much because it is adjustable from behind! And each tip of the crown contain bling diamond. Super classy & you got your own style look!

*Can I just simply kiss? Noooo, kiss reserved for BF ~shy~*

2. Glamour Hair pin
- Just take some upper part of your hair, and twist it, then you clip it with hair clip from Jones April. This look suitable for glamour look during ball party or dating with your beloved one ;)

*Hey baby! I'm ready for our date!*

- You also can take it as side hair clip? Just braid your hair & simply clip on it! Then you can  go out with your buddies!

*Hey buddies, where're you guys? Let's high tea ;)*

- Of cos last choice, your never expect this! Clip it on your blouse/singlet/simple cloth! Now I'm having super classy blouse with hair clip from Jones April! *shhhhh, no one gonna know it's a hair pin ;)*

Yeah, Jones April accessories really give a lot of idea of FASHION. So yeah, visit their website now to view more accessories! Bet you gonna love all of them, because it make me so KOREAN now ;)

*Im so KOREAN ;)*

More details on:

Any questions just drop me a comment or EMAIL me! Happy Shopping girls! ;)

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