Wednesday, October 15, 2014

[Review] Reborn Placenta Stemcell from HiShop

Recently I tried new product, Reborn StemCell Placenta, from HiShop! A supplement that can make you younger day by day!

At first when I heard about it, stemcell & placenta recall me back my Form 6 Biology subject. LOL. Stem cells have the remarkable potential to develop into many different cell types in the body during early life and growth, whereby you can get it from PLACENTA (which is the tube which supply to baby in mother womb! Ewwww*)

But don't worry! This Reborn StemCell Placenta extract from MARINE! So if you're allergic to marine (seafood), it's better if you can jot down the ingredients and consult a doctor/physician! 

Ingredients: Stemcell 50mg, Placenta 10,000mg, Gluthathione, Hyaluronic Acid, peptides, Royal Jelly, Pueraria Mirifica, Beet root, Grape seed Extract, Pine bark, Citric Acid, Vitamin C, Stramberry Powder.

Reborn StemCell Placenta from HiShop!

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By having Reborn StemCell Placenta, which is the first marine placenta + natural algae stem cells beauty skin beverage, you may experience unprecedented skin regeneration with its effectiveness in activating cells & speedy regeneration system!

Let's compare Marine Placenta & Animal Placenta!

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How about benefits?

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Now you can see that Marine Placenta have more benefits compared to Animal Placenta! ;) BTW how it's work? It can stimulate anti-aging cell biology test & you can see the changes of your skin textual!

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No matter how much I say, it also need to see the result, right? Let's see how I look like on my first day before taking any Reborn StemCell Placenta!

When I still with my long hair! I actually look a bit tired and no energy, my dark spot everywhere on my face, and look old T________________T

How stemcell gonna smell like and look like?

Just pour in (cold/room temperature) water and you can smell strawberry! BTW it taste sweet, so not bad as I thought, and I like it a lot :D

Yeap, continuing it for 7 days! And finally wait wait wait and wait for the instant changes on my face!

Day 1 *my eye + panda eyessss!*
Day 5 *OMG my duck face!*

HAHA, still can see much changes in the picture right?

Let's see DAY 8!

Yeap, within 7 days after consuming Reborn Placenta StemCell, I can see instant cell repairing on my skin, dark spot reduced, and of cos most importantly my skin become smoother! I also look much younger + after cut my hair on last Sunday! :D

I would recommend those who want instant repair on their facial, especially those who on their big day, try it 1-2 weeks before, you gonna be super gorgeous & perfect on you big day!

RM330 (14 sachets)
Click to purchase: HERE

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Happy Shopping & have fun!! ;)

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