Tuesday, March 10, 2015

[Review] Mirabella Skin Care

How's everyone, especially after CNY? Your skin get darker? More oilier? or pimples say HI to you? Sad news that all of them say HI to me T_____T

But Mirabella Skin Care gonna solve my problem. Thanks to Mirabella & HiShop!

Again, thanks to HiShop for giving me a try on Mirabella Skin Care product which I want it long long time ago, with super adorable design, which allow me to carry onFASHION during short trip or holiday!

Let's start my intro to Mirabella Skin Care series!

1. Mirabella Cleanser
A pinkish liquid together with very nice fragrant that it makes you feel like falling in love with someone~*

What's so good about this cleanser?
- Cleanse and refresh your skin
- Get rid of pore clogged
- Balance and keep your skin nourished
- Removes make up
- Ideal light texture face cleanser that suits all types of skin.

Just pour a little amount (10 cents size) of Mirabella Cleanser on your hand.

Gently cleanse onto face evenly. Rinse off with water. Tadaa, you will feel cooling sensation after washing with Mirabella cleanser! Feel so pretty :D

2. Mirabella Beauty Cream
So after cleanse your face, the next step must be applying UV cream! A protection for your skin before exposed to the hot sun!

Benefits of UV Cream:
- Protect your skin from UV light
- Promotes brighter and healthier skin
- No harmful ingredients
- Prevent and treat dry skin
- Improve skin tone and texture, as well as sensitive skin
- Active ingredients that helps to protect the skin from premature aging, giving a radiant and youthful skin

Remember that to leave on for at least 20 minutes before being exposed to sun light! BTW it also use as make up base that can cover your dark spot and lighten your skin! Non sticky and oily texture, likey!

3. Beauty Cream
Do apply onto your face and neck after cleansing before bed.

Benefits of Mirabella Beauty Cream:
- Intended to whiten and lighten skin colour
- Enhance performance of the skin nutrients
- New, safe and effective skin whitening and brightening
- Natural ingredients
- Reduce pigmentation
- Skin tone corrector
- Prevent premature signs of aging
- Reduce age-related dark spot
- Firming and moisture skin

You can apply this beauty cream onto the face and neck every evening or before bed time!

Yeap, creamy texture that help you moisture your skin whole night, make me to have flawless skin tonight! Mirabella definitely will be my favorite travel set facial products!

More information:

Price: RM90/-
Available at: HERE

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