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Taiwan - My Bike Dream? Opps Is Vinc's Bike Dream

TAIWAN - a very good and famous country for travel no matter eat, shop or on 2 wheels, opps I mean use bicycle to travel over the whole Taiwan, they call bike over Taiwan!!

Yeap, I would like to use bicycle to travel from up to down or even down to up of Taiwan! I'm born like the other girls, love to taste nice food, shop like a queen, but because of my dearest BF, Vinc, he kept influenced me since 2 years back. Want to know the reasons?

I will let you know one by one! :P
BUT I have never been to Taiwan, lots of research you need to go on!
TAIWAN, I can't wait to date YOU together with my beloved Vinc!

1. A Perfect Gateway
I'm finding a short, but not too long gateway trip, but where? Only in Taiwan, because Taiwan is an island, not too small like Singapore, or not too scattered like Japan. Taiwan is a unique country with their own culture and history (wink*) just like Malaysia, living with various culture of human, hidden with lots of mysterious of history behind! You can just spend 10 days to 30 days, to travel all over the island.

Other than that, their comfortable climate, convenient distance from each states, and normally tourists will challenge themselves from west to east coast, by using train, bike or even walk. For me I will use train and bike cos I'm a bit fragile :P Sound impossible for me to sit inside the train (snake for few hours/a day)? LOL

My BF's biggest dream is to bike over Taiwan, have to gain my stamina from now perhaps, cannot let him disappointed.

Start from this maybe! JIAYOU JIAYOU :D

2. Feel Our Mother Nature
Other than Malaysia, Taiwan also own a very natural forest, beach and also waterfall! Choose spring (less hot) season during April-June, so that you won't get sun burn and also can see all the flowers bloom. Don't choose July-September because it is typhoon seasons, raining all over and it might blow you away ><''

Let's see got what nice place in Taiwan waiting for us to go through?

Famous hotspring located at Taipei.

Waterfall at Shifen Town.

Alishan, a mountain resort and natural preserve located in the mountains of Chiayi.

You can enjoy the beauty of the beach side while you're biking :D

Or you can even see their pretty coasting light :')

Hua Lian noted with very beautiful beach and mountain, even sky!

etc.. etc..

3. Try Something New, Challenge YOURSELF! 
Although I know Taiwan is a great place for FOOD, SHOP and RELAX place to visit, but I kinda impressed by those bikers that get themselves in immersing a new environment as well as changing in environment. But apart from that, I know they can spend their quality time together, as I'm with my beloved one, doing smth new that we will never do together!

Even the pictures during bike over Taiwan can be very different with others! They use car/train/flight, but I use BIKE :P

Or you can take this pretty landscape, that not everyone got a chance to see that, except in MOVIE, for now even more advance, you can record down your every journey by using GoPro, if it is not affordable, you can try RD990 :P

By spending quality time together, can I consider this as honeymoon, dear Vinc? I really love mother nature but I need sunblock for this trip. Just buy me a big box for me to use for my whole journey! :D

4. Good for Health
LOL what a nonsense reason. Yeap, before you decide to go bike over Taiwan, you need to have very good endurance either your heart or muscles, so that you can hold on the whole trip. Train yourself before you go on a bike trip!

And you can try biking in Malaysia first before you going to try in overseas. Sometimes for our dreams, if you don't make it come true now, you might not make it done when you're getting older! Because that time you might not have strong body to play, have fun and enjoy something different with others.

But if you don't have strong body, just learn from those uncles, they use motorbike to travel over Taiwan! Don't sad, you still can enjoy the same moment and experiences as us! :D

Hope my dreams can come true one day! ;)

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These few days they're having Taiwan Fair at One Utama, so if you're interest to join any Taiwan Trip, just go there and you might got your own best ideal trip! Visit here for more info!

Let's prepare! Woots woots!

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