Monday, August 15, 2016

[Review] Server Speed Checker by Bitcatcha

Talking about TIME, what's your thought for it? For me TIME is like gold, if you missed out any seconds, it will never go back to the time you want, NEVER.








Yes, this will definitely affects your website & dragging the TIME to those who visited your website. You even will miss out your *POTENTIAL SALES* or *CONVERSION*.
A faster website, means a better user experience.
When there's a better user experience, means the user is happier.
User happier, means he/she will sign up your mailing lists.
When your readers gain, then your page share or even views will increase!
More sales will come in indirectly.

That's a CHAIN actually!

Research has shown that:

Besides, GOOGLE shows that:
  • The quicker is your website, the higher of your rank in GOOGLE!

That's why Daren Low, FOUNDER of BITCATCHA, decided to make sure how FAST/SLOW is your website performing. 

There're 2 main factors that AFFECT your overall website LOAD SPEED.

  1. Server speed delivered by web-host
  2. Web design, cleanliness of code, cache, plugins, and visual media

Web hosting holds the single biggest responsibility for your performance of your website! 
- Daren Low.

So with real and tested date also start from your TIME analyze your website with a SERVER SPEED CHECKER by Bitcatcha. Your webpage views going to determine by how fast is your website going on.

To check your website, with simple steps:

Just head on to & paste your web address on the column & press go!

By entering your domain website, Bitcatcha will immediately will find the real IP address and resolve the DNS. In simple way, Bitcatcha actually locating the small corner of cyberspace which your website is sitting on.

Hence, Bitcatcha will send 8 different pings (8 different people visiting your website) to your server. They're from 8 global locations (New York, LA, London, Brazil, India, Singapore, Japan and Australia).

Loading ... Loading ... Loading ...

Yes, the result of my website is A+! Means there're not much of complicated stuffs at my website!
The time of these 8 'pings' are actually measured by Bitcatcha by median speed values. They calculated the average and present your website in the result of milliseconds, which shown in the picture above.

There's a simple explanation about my website that I'm really glad and lucky! Not every website can perform as A+ but remember just keep your website simple will do.

Next, Bitcatcha will show you the number measures up against the Alexa Top 10,000 Global Sites. That's super cool right?


Overall, Bitcatcha has made a brilliant and cheapest way to help every single website users to figure out any problem happening in your website, if your website is too slow. He also helps online shop to gain back shoppers confidence as well as happiness!

If your website slower than 200ms, it’s time for a change. Your web host might holding you back or your engine is too slow. Hence you are losing conversions and driving your Google search rank is down. For solution, you can get service from Bitcatcha, they're always ready to help!

You can check out how fast is your website, as I'm checking other famous online website like Lazada, Zalora, other famous blogger website like Let's see!

Perhaps they're targeting Malaysia users, what about internet website like AMAZON? Try jor let me know ;)

Wondering your website working FAST or SLOW? Try them NOW!


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