Friday, August 19, 2016

NARUKO - NiuEr - Taiwan | Exclusively by Watsons

Hello everyone! Last Sunday I spent my precious morning to attend Naruko Beauty Talk by famous beautician - NiuEr, all the way from Taiwan. Thanks to BFF who invited me to this special event!

Let's know more about WHO IS NIUER.


He own total of 24 years of beauty & skincare experience, 7 years of skincare research experience, and collaboration with international work lab. They discovered the best skincare as all ingredients are from mother nature, products clinical tested/proven and safe to use in order to give everyone the most suitable & natural skincare products!

If you wish to know more about his products, pls click HERE. BTW he is only 49 years old this year! OMG OMG OMG, can you believe that? I thought he was 30+ at first!

Lots of NiuEr Fans & Media Bloggers attended this Naruko Beauty Talk exclusively by Watsons.

Naruko actually have lots of skincare series, as the most 2 famous products NiuEr recommended was

  • Raw Job's Tear Supercritical CO2 Pore Minimizing and Brightening Series
  • Jing Cheng Series

NiuEr talks a lot about his past, but the thing I wanted to share with you all is THE WAY HE THOUGHT US to APPLY SKINCARE PRODUCTS!

I got a very bad habit, after facial cleansing, I will just pour out the toner/moisturizer lotion onto my hand, and pat pat everything onto my face, lastly do a soft massage, then IM DONE!

This is SO WRONG.


LOL, NiuEr thought us that must apply on the cotton & follow his steps to apply. My jimui Christy do on the spot that day during this beauty talk, and lets see :D

The series I'm using is 'Raw Job's Tear Supercritical CO2 Pore Minimizing and Brightening Series - Moisturizing Lotion'. My pores getting slightly fairer, smaller & most importantly is my left side more lifting than right side! OMG OMG

Let's see how. Finally I purchase a better quality make up/skincare puffs from Watsons.

Let's begin!

Get 1 piece of your facial puffs, and pour on your toner/moisturizing lotion onto the puff. Don't be so stingy/kiamsiap to pour LOL

Ready to wipe it softly onto your face in the direction of the picture below. Each direction repeat 2-3 times. Remember most of the directions are going UP :D

I used 2 puffs to wipe on left and right face. And check what's on the puffs.

Slightly yellowish & dusty - OMG I just wash my face wei T___________T 
But don't care first, after cleansing - toner - moisturizing toner - serum. That's my daily skincare routine.

After few tries, not everyday lah, I can see my skin, especially my pores getting smaller, and my skin condition also become better. I plan to grab full series of Raw Job's Tear Supercritical CO2 Pore Minimizing and Brightening Series, because they work really magically!

Also, not too stingy on applying your skincare products onto your face, because you're actually investing your future LOL.

SO if you want to know the full steps of Naruko Skincare Series, remember to have a look over - or head on to any Watsons/Online Watsons to try them out, perhaps grab them on the spot!


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  1. what a wonderful opportunity getting to meet a Taiwanese popular figure.... I wish I could have done so too

  2. nice to see you there. next year i want go again.

  3. niceeee got a photo with a popular figure leh.

  4. NiuEr looks so fabulous! Nice seeing you girls there

  5. i love the watson puff too..i use the thinner one...for tonner really good and saving..

  6. I really like him, he is so humble :)

  7. Hi...hi...I was there the earlier day when he was at Sunway Pyramid for press conference, nice to meet him in person. But unable to make it for the 2nd day where you have attended. Love his sharing of beauty tips :) cheers, SiennyLovesDrawing

  8. Eee I was there too! Nice product, I love it!