Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Time For Taiwan 2016 - Chef Dato Fazley

Last Sunday, I've attended an event - Time for Taiwan 2016! Guess what, the event special guest was handsome Chef Dato Fazley (Champion of Masterchef Celebrity Malaysia 2012)! The event is happening at Mid Valley, together with MITM Fair, on last weekend.

Yes, the event was promoting Taiwan, a dream place which I want to go very long time ago! Taiwan, for me is a food heaven, gorgeous views, superb weather & lots of things for me to discover.

Do you know approximately how much tourists visit Taiwan in a year? Total of 1049.9 million, and 43 million was Malaysian! Such a huge amount of tourists, no wonder Taiwan listed as World Top 5 country which is suggested to travel!

MC of the day!

From the information he given on the day itself, Taiwan actually moving towards to MUSLIM FRIENDLY country, so that for Muslim Tourists, they also can travel freely around Taiwan. They even got a small books for Muslim traveler!

Taiwan, always ready for Shop, Eat, Love, Two Wheels, Nature, Marvel!

Taiwan nowadays try to get more Muslim tourists by getting more mosque, bidet toilet and also HALAL restaurants with HALAL logo. So that Muslim tourists they can enjoy their vacation more in Non-Muslim country, no matter from places, culture or even food!

So, Chef Dato Fazley going to share how his experience when he travel to Taiwan on May 2016.

He said he tasted Po Bu Zi & Onsen Tamago at Taipei, and it is so special, other than that, he shows us all his favorite food during last visit in Taiwan! 

He loves Taiwan tea so much, and the event organizer present him a box of tea! How blissful he is. He also mentioned that Taipei is a very beautiful, clean and tidy town! Not only that, he mentioned that Taiwan is a modern, safe and comfort country, with friendly local people. He even feels touch when local people being so nice to him!

Besides all these sharing, this organizer also giving amazing lucky draw prizes to those who attended this event, included food vouchers, hotel vouchers, local Taiwan food and round trip flight ticket to Taiwan! Too bad I'm the lucky person who got it, but congratulation to all the winners!

Yes, so for Muslim tourist, going to have vacation at Taiwan no longer a dream! Though they're not fluent to speak English, they will still try their best to translate and help other people, that's the effort I like it!

Wish to visit Taiwan one day with my loved one!
Hereby attached with the news of the event by Taiwan Media :)


  1. This looks like a cool event. time to plan my next TW trip

  2. one of our blogger Tya win d trip to Taiwan
    congrats to her

  3. Wow! Taiwan looks tempting for the next trip. Hehe

  4. i reli want to visit taiwan one day...

  5. How lucky for the winner of the free Taiwan trip! I wish to visit Taiwan but so afraid I'd get lost because I can't speak Mandarin or Hokkien!

  6. luv it when there is halal tourism so the worries wont be there

  7. I miss Taiwan... and I do so want to visit Taiwan again....

  8. I miss Taiwan too, plan to visit again one day :)

  9. I love it when they provide halal trip too. Because it easier to find halal food and I don't want to be burdened by asking where to eat

  10. time for taiwan? yes pls.. tag me along!! :D