Sunday, December 25, 2016

[Review] Nivea Creme by NIVEA

It's been quite a long time I didn't update for my BEAUTY POST, and today I'm back for a new beauty product (for me only la, never try before :P)!

Yes, Nivea Creme! Don't it sound familiar? Have you try before?

Why I bought this? Because one day I saw a girl grabs bunch of Nivea Creme, some more I heard a lot of beauty bloggers from all over the world are using it as well. Hence, it makes me want to try it out!

Basically Nivea Creme known as MOST SOLD MOISTURIZER WORLDWIDE. Its also means, whenever your skin facing dry skin problem, Nivea Creme will be the first one to give rich and mild care for your skin! 😃

So, it is sealed up by silver paper.

Yes, this is Nivea Creme, and it gives typical smell of every Nivea products have. The TEXTURE comes in white colour, smooth, and a bit oily during application.

BEFORE AND AFTER for 1 time application

Start from my hand, my skin will be irritated if I touch tina, alcohol or acid stuff. Then I must apply lotion to keep it prevent from drying up. I'm actually having quite bad of dry skin from every part of my body, other than HAND, LEG and even HEEL also facing the same problem.

Yeah, so recently I try this Nivea Creme out and found that it works quite good on my skin, but during application it gives slightly oily feeling, and after awhile then is okay. However, you will need to apply twice a day, or else you won't see any significant changes 😁

Other than that, I used it as sleeping mask before every night I sleep, for me it is a bit hard to apply, as it is quite sticky, and you will feel a bit oily after application but only for awhile la. And it wont irritated my sensitive skin as well. But because I don't like the sticky feeling, so I will keep it for my bag, my SOS product for my hand, leg and heel!

Price: RM6.90
Volume: 60ml

Available for 3 sizes ya 💗

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  1. This is a very popular cream. When I was younger, my mom used to buy and we all applied it for fun. I think I need to buy this again. HEHEHE

  2. I haven't use this kind of product before, I did not try to put it in my face as a mask but it sounds interesting I might try it one of these days before I sleep.

  3. NIVEA has really good skin products, I use a NIVEA body lotion and as a roll on.I have to try this creme to moisturize my hands

  4. I've heard many good things about this product but never tried it yet! The price is very affordable too :D

  5. I also haven't tried this yet but I might check this out since my skin is really sensitive and flaky sometimes.

  6. Nivea is a good brand indeed for skin care but I have not heard of this before, but might try it out after reading this.

  7. T.T me no like anything that's sticky / oily... hurmm..hope you will get to find another product that suits you more and hope it cures your skin condition dear...good luck!

  8. Used this before when I was a teen.. this has been around for such a long time and it is definitely what that made my skin what it was then.... soft and supple..

  9. ah my mum used this! Nice scent and really works.

  10. Such a long time I have not use Nivea products. I love the body lotion so much. Thanks for recommend Nivea Creme.

  11. Nivea is a brand that I trust. Using it since many years...

  12. Nivea is the best brand and product. Reasonable price. Suitable for all skin types.

    Lia Hasty

  13. I love Nivea men is trusted product... and this cream looks good!

  14. I've been using their products for quite some time already, really like the quality :)

  15. I love to use nivea as my body lotion for years! Definitely loves their products!

  16. For the price point, it certainly seems like a worthwhile product to have with you :) I myself am not a huge fan on the stickiness part but if it helps assist with dry skin, then the quality mirrors its long term effects to the skin.