Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Busy Day..

Well, as i promise everyone that i will make an tutorial, i still need some make up stuffs to complete my gyaru make up style. Later on i will going to mid velly for shopping and also screening! But alone..T___T

I will watching < Yogi Bear > Press screening by Nuffnang later!

Gosh, this week i already watched 4 movies! 2 movies invite by nuffnang and another 2 is Vinc, thanks and appreciate it so much! x)

Seriously! I enjoy the movies so so much! *LOVE*

Hmm, last night i was hanging out with Christy and Joey to Petaling Street, but i haven't get the photos. T____T Hopefully can blog it b4 i leave KL.

Well, last night actually 3 of us ( Christy Joey and Me ) plan to do Gyaru tutorial but end up with.... NOTHING. LOL, it is so hard to make it because we lack of those make up stuffs. :(
Later hope i manage to find those make up stuffs to complete my tutorial. 

Tadaa, here is it. Damn sat bai. :'(

Another interest thing, I DYE my hair already!! With my housemates last night, it is insane! We help each other and finally the room end up with DYING CHEMICAL smell. 

Will show u all on later on, cos i need to prepare to go out dee!! Need to buy food stuffs, make up stuffs and also come back home and cook!!
Ohya! We will having a steamboat party tonight with my housemate and Christy! :P
先吃团圆饭! LOL..
Damn damn busy! * I haven't finish packing yet! *
BB lah~~

Have a Blessed Thursday! :)


  1. Wow, looking forward to see your new hair! Have fun at the party tonight.

  2. I hav a cheetah pattern sunglass like urs too XD haha

  3. that sun glass is own by christy one.. LOL

  4. You are so cutee <3 :3
    can u chek my blog: