Saturday, January 8, 2011

Random post.. :S

This is a very random post. LOL
Cos i'm still dunno what to post, whatever lah. Nowadays really lack of blogging mood, isn't? 

Just want to show my daily life pichas. :)

Any different? Hmm, left side is taken in early 2011, this year and 2nd picha took at end of 2009. Feel like i getting older. :( 
*Hate the feeling growing up!!!*

Anyway, we cant avoid from getting old, so just accept the reality and don't forget to maintain our skin and body in GOOD & YOUNG condition! LOL


Now, wondering how my Uni's food look like.:S
At 1st, they always praise TARC's food has more dishes to choose! But MAHSA UC also not bad lah, cheap also what. But not so nice compared to KFC, MCD, PIZZA HUT lah. 

Very very 1st!! This is not my dishes of course! LOL
Joey's lunch, looks funny of 1 piece of small Japan taufu, and she really decide to keep fit. 
*should learn from her*
I cannot miss any rice in my daily meal. How about u? Is this means I addicted to RICE? 
RM2.00 only!!


This is Christy's meal, hehe! Yummy! x)

Lastly is mine..

My Breakfast + Lunch, Hehe! Night time I will cook rice. :D
RM2.50 too! 

Live in MAHSA really make me become vegetarian. Good for health. Hehe!
Then we serve a free soup, nice right?

Each of us get one bowl of soup. =)
Some time UM students come here for lunch! Unbelievable.


Ookay, i got nothing to share liao. Do you know the right way to cook porridge? Here got 2 important skills, really effective! LOL, thanks mum for teaching me. Or else i will become idiot, by asking: MUM, Y THE RICE STILL BECOME PORRIDGE? 

1. You must put the uncooked rice in water for half to one hour. Then, boil it.
2. You put in the ingredients that you want to into the porridge. Continue to boil for 10 minutes.
3. Then before you turn into small gas, put in an egg to make it concentrated. Continue for 5-8 minutes!

*go google search for more nice porridge menu!*

Tadaaaa, complete liao. =)

Super Nice! =)

That's all i want to share! LOL. Have a nice weekend. <3


  1. Dah Pandai pan leng leng . . . =P

    and . . . . I feel like puke because of Lady Fingers!

  2. Thanks for praising. LOL
    Aiks, Lady fingers taste nice lea, just depends how u cook it. =)

  3. lollll im not keeping fit la hahaha just veli full nia