Wednesday, February 16, 2011

CNY 2011

Well, half month passed already and i still dun have any update in my blog. 
Truly sorry for my late update! :)

BTW, how do u all celebrate ur CNY? For me i felt that CNY no more fun as before already. Maybe i grow up already? Having different thinking already?or world change jor?
 I myself also dunno what is happening to me. T-T 

CNY eve i was having an awesome dinner with my family! Home is always the best place to be!

Most is cooked by my lovely mum^^
Home sweet Home!
The first day of CNY i was trying to set my whole hair curl, but i manage to do half nia, Opps! this picture i was took with my sister * TB*

Guess how old is her? Our nose really look alike! :P
Early of the 1st day i went to church in the early morning then home visiting. It was great, hometown is the best, love it so much but a little bit hot lah. 

So this is the 2nd day! Today i was very lazy to set up all my hair, need hours u know? Straight hair also can be sexy what. 

They are my siblings! :)
We all look different. Isn't? Hehe. All took on the 2nd day of CNY, we all prepare to go visiting..

Angel me and my best friend Ellen! 
Okay, now is 3rd day.. LOL, after that no more SS of my own photos.. :P
Become extremely lazy!

Most of it not new cloths, just extra ordinary one nia. :P

Still got valentine post to update, seriously i dun have much photos this year..:(
Anyway! Happy 2011 and all the best! 
MWAH~~ <3

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