Monday, January 17, 2011

OMGawd!! Gyaru style!

Fuiiyoooh! I cant believe what is happening today!
Some how like magic or incredible thing occur in front of me! Arggg, i'm going to cry! T.T


LOL!! This is before make up, heading to gyaru ( Japan Kawaii Girl ) style!! xD

Add two KAWAII girl, left is Yuki and left is Yokoii. =)
They are very shy at 1st but at last finally we all become best friends! Unbelievable!!
Everything happen just in a day.

Hmm, we all gather at 11am in front of KLCC, then we heading to Sanomai and Lie's hotel room. 
We start to learn, what is gyaru make up!
*Seriously i dunno how to listen and talk Japanese but i promise i will learn it!*
Hope next time if got chance to meet them, i can talk spontaneously with them. ^^

 Sanomai and Lie are going to help us make up! xD
They are explain every single section of make up (GYARU). They are super nice and friendly! 

Start to make up until finish got TOO much of photos! So i just share one i most satisfy one! wtf
LOL, cutie Aud help me check my fake eye lashes. :D

Their real people is much more prettier than photos! Wow, so happy and touch to see them!

Here i'm come!! It just like magic!

You wont believe that is Christy! Joey! and Me myself. Wtf

Tadaa! We all are gyaru! LOVE it MAD! >o

After that, we all went to PAVILION to show our confident! Gosh, no matter what pose i put sure i look nice! :P
Thanks ALL OF U, LOVE IT so so MUCH. <3 <3 <3

Finally Sanomai and Lie finish their mission. =)
They left Malaysia and going back to Japan this midnight. Safe journey and God bless. <3

Thanks a lot and i appreciate it so so much! My 1st time in my life that i can appear on NHK channel! wtf
 I will continue this effort to do GYARU make up style! xD


Here attach with some SS photos! Love it so much.
I'm still in blur blur ( incredible condition )!

Kawaii Yuki and Yokoii. <3<3<3

With my buddy- Joey! She look gorgeous! xD

Isn't? LOL! btw, i look so dark. :S

With Christy and Joey! Sukoii..=D

OTW going back to PJ, okay, super super tired! Christy sit in front so not manage to get her in this photo.

Good Night and Sweet Dream! Muackksss! 


  1. Everyone looks really pretty!

    Can you post a make up tutorial perhaps?

  2. Domokun: Me too, extremely happy^^

    Anonymous: Yes! I will, before CNY! Wait for it. =)

  3. thanks woor, this time very success!! xD

  4. those girls are really good on putting make up on.

  5. those girls are really good on putting make up on.

  6. LOL! I can help u if u want. Hope i can make a tutorial and show u all.=)

  7. WAIT I WANNA POST MAKE UP TUTORIAL TOO! Lol but i got no enough cosmetic stuff TnT

  8. Christy: Yaya! I'm sure all of our tutorial is different! wtf, cant wait for it!! xD

    Jobless girl: Ya, stay turn for my make up tutorial! ^^

    Priincess emily: Thanks baby, feel so gladsome for this event! Stay tuned for more updates! :P

  9. lolllll faster put make up tutorial i wan c~

  10. Yes!! I will put on, but need to wait all my make up stuffs enough 1st.. xD

  11. OMG! I wanted to go......=3=

    Can email me about what they taught on the make up and related?

  12. Wait for it! I will do it soon, b4 cny^^

  13. Hi, may I know how your manage to invite them over to Malaysia ? Are they make up artist ? Interested to learn from them:)