Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Red Box - Sing K

Actually i was forgot when i went out with my best best friends out to sing k. ><''
Hmm, bad habit, always forgot what i did the day before! Need to throw away this disturbing habit.. 

Nah Nah Nah! Here is our 1st shoot in the monorail. Damn nice weii..

3 girls, Hmm. Start from Christy, Me and Joey! x)
Another shoot, not bad, but senget a bit, sorry for my poor capturing skills.

3 sweetie. Hehe! Love my ji mui so much. ><''
Then we went directly from PJ to KL central, again we change to monorail and stop at IMBI, then we walk to Law Yatt Mall, did u realise that KL central to Imbi actually is cheaper to Bukit Bintang? Hmm, u go do survey yourself. It is true!!!

We arrived jor and cant stop SS! wtf

Our poses really look funny weii.. ><''

We all love posing!! LOL!! ><''

You know what we did? Hmm, we sing from 1pm until 9pm lea! Altogether is 8 hours! = to ppl who work daily. Hmm, no sound after sing for 8 hours. LOL

Can u see how serious is Christy face when she sing? ><''

Singing section really need a lot of energy! Hmm, time to eat! 3 of us are having dinner buffet which only RM12.90 ! We eat until super full, no wonder i felt my pant become tight nowadays! wtf

The food available at RED BOX LAW YATT!!

Okay, is time to us to take the food. LOL

Super nice food.

Hohoho! Enjoy the dinner!! I'm ready to DIE tonight!! LOL

LOL, i put in small size, what we left behind coz we cant finish it. Extremely full. ><''
Someone scold me cos i waste the food!! 

Bill: RM73.10 for 3 of us.

Tadaa, 3 ladies. LOL, taking photo in the TOILET. Actually no ppl there, so who care?!LOL

3 colours of RABBITS. LOL, gold, pink and red. Nice right? x)

Okay, let you see the night view of KL. 

Nice right? Okay! I got lots of things need to finish up! wish i manage to do it lah. God bless and do enjoy my blog post! Anything ask just contact me at: jacqueline_khoo89@hotmail.com

Night peeps! Sweet dream! x)

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