Friday, February 25, 2011

*NOSE* Warehouse Sale! *23-27 Feb 2011*

Well, I'm not lying!! I'm also not dreaming! This is real one!! *Yawww*
It really make girl dreams become true!! <3

23-27 Feb 2011

Time :10am-7pm
Location: Lot 691, Wisma RSH, Jalan Lagoon Selatan, Off Jalan Kewajipan, Subang Jaya.
Tel: 03-51232668

*Up to 90% Discount!!*

 Well, i was there last night by using Taxi, with my lovely buddy- Christy as well. Then amazingly i saw my few housemate was there also! LOL, girls always mad of those stuffs! No matter how busy we are!
WTF all friends laugh me that super busy girl like me also rush to the destination to hunt girl stuffs! I think probably is natural behavior of girls what. Isn't?

Thanks my housemate- Hui Wee for sharing such an awesome stuffs to us! I bought jor 3 pairs of super high heel. *My bf almost faint when he saw it* Ohya, it only cost me RM50 and some more get RM10 rebate! 
Just bought to sayang myself cos my birthday is coming so dun k it lah, buy whatever i like, wtf~!This promotion really Killing all girls at KL!! LOL  Will show u all my NOSE shoes on next post! Keke :D

Everyone is hunt for their SHOES!! :D
Start from the lowest price RM10 up to RM50 if not mistaken lah!
Hurry! Some more got bags! Super nice! LOL

Show me after u bought those stuffs! Good luck!! 
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  1. haha waa..soo gud eh^^ i din buy high heels.too high for me loll i bought jor 2 bags!!!teheeee

  2. LOL. when u go one? LOL, show me show me! :D