Saturday, February 26, 2011

No more 21 years old T-T

Another few days, which is 2 Mac will be my 22th Birthday.
I'm no longer 21 years old already. Time passed damn fast! In other word, i'm getting older, no more charming as before already wtf. T-T Physically getting mature and mature then OLD jor. Hate that kind of feeling, this call life. Not much wishes can make in this year, just want to become an ordinary girl, stay happy, healthy and young that's enough already wtf. 

21 years old of Jac Jac

Seriously, i have no idea how i celebrate my 21th birthday, i know it was extremely poor and not a memorable birthday! Cos i only stay at home and no one can celebrate my birthday. Well, i still dunno Vinc that time. LOL. Then if not mistake i just stay at condo and online whole day, cause my lady boss off me one day to celebrate my birthday myself. But i only went to Jusco and buy a giant cake and eat myself. Is damn pity isn't? @.@ This year i think i cant celebrate my birthday with my beloved family already, i stayed at West M'sia almost 2 years. Wondering when just got that chance to get back home and having a great time with them. T-T


STOP emo again girl, U still got Vinc right? :)
hoho, ya, i should throw the bad habit of thinking negatively wtf. Cheering can make us stay pretty!! LMAO!!

Vinc bring me to eat Bak Kut Teh last night, seriously! I never feel so happy before, one time can eat so much BKT, wtf. It is damn fat weii. Then we went to secret recipe and buy various type of cakes! Gosh, I dun want to gain weight! But i cant stop myself in front of so many delicious food!! Still got few days to go. ><''


I eat and eat and eat. Thanks Vinc for everything that u do for me, don't k it 1st! LOL

22 years old Jac Jac, my wishes <3

1. My family, Vinc n his family and of cos i myself, my friends all stay healthy always! 
2. Can become brave and stronger to face those difficulties and challenges in my life, in other word- mature!!
3. Able to complete and pass in all assignments and examination *smart and no more laziness*!
4. Stay glamour and slim lol wtf, continue in gyaru style! 
5. Can earn a lot a lot of money, then everything going smoothly!!
6. World in peace, no more disasters, animal n human abusers <3 <3 <3

Hmmm, a bit greedy i think so. Well, don't care about it. Hope can become true this year!
Thanks Vinc for spending time to celebrate my birthday, truly satisfy and do appreciate it! Muacks! <3

*will update more! forgot to bring cabel so cant upload my NOSE high heel wtf*

Have a nice day!!