Monday, February 21, 2011

The Day i hang out with Gyaru

Well, i dun really remember what is the exact gyaru make up skills thought by Lai and Maiko last time!
Even want to do tutorial also don't have time *perhaps i myself is a lazy bug, wtf*
(actually i'm still lack of cosmetic stuffs to complete my gyaru make up, damn paiseh) 

Dunno i look gyaru or not, what i know my body size is too big and make me cant act CUTE. T-T

We all gather at Time Square on that day, around 11am.
1stly we all wait for the rest to come. So i took picha with Christy, look nais!

Then solo picha of mine! All look nice! But this 2nd picha i look a bit hunch back. T_T

This dress present by Dar Dar..:D
Love it so much!!

Look nice!!:D
Then Yuki reach jor, super kawaii lea^^ Even when ppl pass by they call her *DOLL*

Now is my turn^^

The way im standing a bit cacat! :D
LOL, need to learn more posing style *hope to look more slim like model*

Then go nom nom, cos early morning i took a little bit of food nia, then consider BRUNCH ba, which means Breakfast + Lunch = Brunch
LOL, it is interesting! Until now i just know what it meant, how outdated is me. T____T

Now is turn of 3 Kawaii girls.
Start from left: Christy, Yokoii and Yuki
All hands on their face! LoL, they said this pose can make our face look more slim woh, is it?
*must try next time*

Add in another girl, Joey! Super cut pose *learn from LAI* LOL
All Kawaii desu desu! <3
Do u think those photos miss jor smth?? LOL, Im here!!:D

Hmm, all look nice except me, damn fat eeh. :'(
Actually all these photos took in TOILET. How paiseh is that. LOL
Now we going to do some short shoot, by the digicam itself, self-timing! LOL, how clever is christy!

All look super nice lea! :D
But the terrible thing is im the darkest girl among those gyaru..T_________T
Anyway, dark skin gyaru also look nice right?

Then after we continue SHOPPING at TS and SW! Bought a lot cloth stuffs that i never dare to buy b4@@
How brave are us! Hope we manage to stay young forever~ <3

Hope we all can be dolls always! LOL :P

Hope GYARU make up skills will become famous and famous in Malaysia!!!!


Really have fun with make up! Never give up on it!! Tadaa~~
Night peepx! <3 <3 <3