Friday, February 6, 2015

Bubble Gum Wax - Casa Tropicana

Last month I give my virgin Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) armpit hair removal to Bubble Gum Wax at Casa Tropicana Branch. For the whole night I can't sleep at all because I was so exited, I was so annoyed by my armpit hair, sometimes get inflammation after shaved. Even bf also complaint that why my armpit got dark color shadow T_________T

TQ The Butterfly Project (TBP) for giving me a try on IPL armpit hair removal at Bubble Gum Wax! What a great experience, with good services as well!

Seriously I was quite worry cos I was so scared of epilator, after bought just try once and I cry like hell T_________T I'm kind of cannot bear with pain.

Wait forget about my pass ugly stuff, let's see how's the environment!

Wood and brick wall design, special design that suits all the selfie ppl like me. It will definitely make your selfie photo super classic and in chinese they say ZHU LIU FENG. :P

Let's see how's their rooms? I felt so comfortable and a bit fancy fancy!

Okay, the machine located on left side is IPL machine which they use to call it laser, to remove hair for armpit and even bikini hair.

This is the wax machine which located on right corner! With my lovely goodies bag by Bubble Gum Wax :P

Selfie with Joyce, the pretty girl who help me do IPL armpit hair removal! After doing IPL armpit hair removal, she helped me applied lotion that help my skin stay hydrated, with cooling feeling. TQ dear!

I was doing IPL armpit hair, and it need to be done in at least 6 times, to permanently your armpit har from growing, each time you do, your armpit hair will grow finer and finer, until it will just gone like that. It is quite magical which it makes my dream come true (no need epilator and also shaver!!!)

These are the price for treatment available at Bubble Gum Wax Case Tropicana.

Click to enlarge/save*

Click to enlarge/save*

Here also got FOR HIM, means for man waxing :P This is my very first time saw this, no more shyness because we all the same, we all love pretty and be fashionable nowadays, right?

BTW BTW I manage to selfie with Founder of TBP, dear Tammy!

Selfie with Tenshi :D

Welfie with 3 of us!

Thanks to Tammy for these all nice food! I love the blacky macaroon and also their black noodles!

Lastly, groufie with all the other pretty butterflies!

Really nice to meet you all, I was having fever on the day itself, so sorry if I didn't manage to say HI to all of you, who knows after that day, my fever still on and off, and getting worse, at last I diagnosed with DENGUE, admitted to hospital for 1 week. T_______________T

Will definitely come again to finish off my IPL armpit hair removal! Stay tuned for more updates! Anything just drop me a comment, I will reply you ;)

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