Friday, February 20, 2015

[Review] Tansan & Ultrasonic Iron Treatment - Number76

Before Chinese New Year (CNY), any idea to do with your hair? I decided to do my hair at Malaysia famous saloon - Number76 last weekend! What a great experience with Number76! I went to Number76 at Starhill Gallery, Bukit Bintang. On the day itself, the place quite crowded & need to do booking if you want to go next time ><''

Quite a nice environment & cooling enough after walk under hot sun at Bukit Bintang.

I booked my time on 12pm and the hair stylish served me ots. Thanks to GOOD SERVICE! Too bad I forgot to take my before after, only manage to take my front selfie, but forgot back selfie. Paiseh ahh too nervous, first time review hair treatment :P


From this picture, my hair quite okay on the day itself, just a bit frizzy and end part of my hair kinda bad already.  I decided to change my hair colour and then do ultrasonic iron treatment!

So, after discuss with hair stylish - Director Yves, he decided to help me dye purple red colour. Never dye this colour but only with gold brown ><''

Meanwhile, they served tea and biscuit, so thoughtful!

After 1 hour ++, then my color comes out, not too dark not too bright, the color I want.

Because I need to proceed to Number76's SIGNATURE MAGICAL HAIR TREATMENT - ULTRASONIC IRON TREATMENT, so over exited and didn't manage to take any picture, oops! There're 2 treatments I undergo here.

- All chemicals such as hair color, perm lotion and hair treatment that applied to your hair, the iron will be enchanced the effect, to show more significant.

- Because it vibrates at 37,000 beats per seconds, separates the particles of protein, water and oil in hair treatment as well as helping to penetrate deep into your hair. (He showed me that water on the iron can be jump up and down in super fast way :P)

* The hair iron do not produce any heat, and it vibrates the cells of your hair and helps penetrating the treatment into your hair*

So just apply with spa treatment, then the next one will be iron's job. So if the iron touched the hair, it will turns blue color, if it is not it will remain in pink color! Such a cool iron! As it doesn't produce any heat, so I won't feel any discomfort.

But before this, let me tell you what is Tansan hair treatment. It is H2O2, which help you to remove dandruff, dirty stuff, oil on your hair root. It will let your scalp and hair root healthier after this treatment!

It will produce a bit noise, but just awhile, so still OKAY for me :P

My dandruff and dirty stuff will flush into the water, and a bit purple color because of my hair color. After Ultrasonic Iron Treatment and Tansan treatment, let's see my final result!

(sorry for my right fish eye LOL)

Comment: I'm so satisfied with my natural hair color, which makes me look younger (because I work as a physiotherapist, I need a normal hair color lol) , as well as Ultrasonic Iron Treatment make my hair back to healthy hair, and more straight (less frizzy than before).

Beside that, after Ultrasonic Iron Treatment, Number76 also give 4 hair treatment sticks to do at home! So you just need to do 1 time, then continue the other 4 hair treatment at home to let your hair stay silky, shining and healthy!

Direction: After wash your hair with your shampoo, just squeeze out the treatment liquid from the stick. Apply this product to your hair (especially on your end, try to avoid scalp area), and rinse it off well after awhile, with warm water. *Note: You can do it once in every 2 weeks*

Any questions, just drop me comment ya! I will reply you as soon as possible! Happy advance Valentine Day!

Ultrasonic Iron Treatment: RM250
Tansan: RM30

For more information:
Outlets: Mid Valley, Bangsar 1, Bangsar 2, Starhill Gallery

You also can purchase their service with special promo price at Groupon! Enjoy and have fun ya ;)

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