Friday, February 26, 2016

[Review] My Secret of Beauty by MSOBEAUTY

Recently I tried a very amazing and super thin mask by My Secret of Beauty/MSOBEAUTY [MSB], which is formulated in France, and made in Hong Kong.

Their lovely packaging really made my day, classic yet elegant! Suitable to be a gift for your beloved girl friend, wife or your family because their mask really really works great!

So, inside this elegant black box, it comes with 7 pieces of masks. All of them included


This mask enriched with skin whitening trace elements. It is not only preventing the formation of pigmentation but treats the existing pigmentation.

It also minimizing dullness and darkness of our skin as the essence improve uneven skin tone while promoting fairer skin and repairing damaged tissue. It also revives dark and tired skin while restore, whiten and brighten the skin with short periods! ;)


For girls or boys above 25 years old, I would say anti-aging mask is a MUST. This mask penetrates rapidly deep into skin and replenishes collagen!

It helps to whiten, clean and moisture our skin while improving skin elasticity and prevent aging skin. Other than that, it soothes and refines skin, as it will give fresh, youthful and nourished skin after applying this mask.


This is my favorite mask because our skin need a lot of water to keep it hydrated! Yes, it contain unique small molecule technology that enables rapid penetration and strong absorption onto our skin.

It also helps in repair, nourish and gives cares for our skin while replenishing all essential skin nutrients. Definitely leaving you soft, purified and incredible sensation of freshness onto our skin. Likey likey!


1. Cleanse your face and apply toner for better absorption.

2. Gently apply the mask directly around the eyes, nose, and lips. There're total of 3 layers, as shown in the picture.

As in the picture, it shows you 2 layers. Take the blue layer and face the soft side onto your face.

Then peel off the blue layer, and left layer 3 onto your face. Hence you can feel the soft, thin and super hydrated mask on your face.

3. Leave it for 15-20 mins.

4. Peel it off after 20 mins, and gently massage around your face for complete absorption of the essence!

Tadaa! Your skin now become fresh and hydrated.

Comment: Recently I'm so in love with all the masks by My Secrets of Beauty Official/MSOBEAUTY as it gives really moist, soft, thin and comfortable feeling during and after application. No irritation or redness shows, as it is suitable for all types of skin included sensitive skin.

Total of 7 masks per box, after few days application, my skin definitely shows better effect, so yeah I don't mind to finish it within a week because it makes my skin so so smooth! :P

Besides, MSOBEAUTY also running an amazing GIVEAWAY that's everyone MUST join! You might win a Iphone 6s Rose Gold just by few simple step!


Contest end: 29th Feb 2016 
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  1. I will like to have some of those mdks

  2. love the 3 layers that protect the hygiene of the mask :) i wanna have smoother skin complexion too!

  3. after using sure the face will look brighter and poink poink effect, haha~

  4. I'm loving the facial firming and anti wrinkles because it's perfect for my age

  5. I'm loving the facial firming and anti wrinkles because it's perfect for my age

  6. Is this available only via online? I went to their website but it is still under construction. Do they have any retail outlet?

  7. These masks look so good! I like how thin each sheet is and also how moisturized it is

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