Sunday, June 27, 2010


Yesterday i went to Sunway Pyramid~A great day~!!
This is my 1st time being there~
Wow~really nice to shopping there~xD
I was with my course mates~

Oops~im look so dark+fat~me and leng lui Christy~

Me,Jocelyn and Christy~

Syok Sendiri~xD

3 models~xP

Nice shoot!!
haha~im the fattest one~

Little stuff brought back from Sunway Pyramid~
because not enough $$ to buy expensive things~~haha~
EARN $$ 1st~xP
So we just went for window shopping~

Want to see my ugliest face ever?
here you see~xD
OMG~1st time i upload those silly n funny photos to blog~
i get slightly sun burn after walking whole day from Subang, then to Sunway Pyramid~
haha~but it was fun~!!
Just use mask, scrub, lotion and toner to paste on my face and body bha~
if not pimples and dead skin will pop-out and say 'HI' to you~xD

Thanks for viewing this bore blog~xD
Have a nice day~!!

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