Friday, June 25, 2010

A tired day..T-T

Today is 25 Jun 2010..

Extremely tired..
I felt my muscle hunting my whole body!
I really dont know how to describe my life today..
What i realise is University life is terrible..
before i was studying at Form 6 at my hometown, Sarikei~
i felt so exited to enter Honey Moon Life at University!!
How insane is me~!!=.=''

 Opps~this is my old photo..taken at CNY 2010~
love this red dress so much..nice shoot also~haha..WTH~
but i only wear for 1-2 times, wasted!!
just want to show u guys~

Here is my University Life~
group presentation with Andrew, Prema, Kelvinah, Jocelyn~Great!!

Lyn, Joey, Jocelyn, Christy


3 Ji Mui~xD

SS by Jocelyn~xD Cute~

SS by Joey~Kawaii~!!

Jocelyn & me~always look ugly when Im study~=.=''

show u some colour pens i use for my studies~
i bought it when im Form6..old stuff already~haha, but im still use it!!
still left one box of colour pen at my house..
suddenly miss my home so much~T^T

I also dont know want to write what agian~T-T
Just share some photos to u all~hope my blog is not bore~xD

Waiting For My Next Posting!!

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