Friday, June 25, 2010

Sweet Memories With My Students~xD

Wow~I dunno why today i miss my little baby students so much!!
Jun of 2009..
i was offered to become temporary teacher at my hometown~
1st time ever in my whole life~
Miss my students so much~

they are so lovely and cutie~!!

Oops~!! Im teacher before~seriously~xD

Even though they are naughty, but really nice..
because when they make me angry, they will make some funny things to make me laugh~really bad boys~T-T

huhu~miss them alot~xD

Taking photos for memories~i dunno when i will have this chance to meet those cute students~nice to become a teacher~!!

Even they are naughty but they are clever!!

cute pose~haha~

nice to be with them! more chance to become teacher again~
because now im changing my career to physiotherapist!!
See you all in Medical world next 10 years~!!
Good luck to my all Baby Students~

Even im become physiotherapist..they still calling me 'teacher'..
They said cannot call friend..rude wor~
Unforgettable Memory in my whole life~

Thank You~

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