Saturday, June 5, 2010

Wow~♥ Feeling Good now~!!^^

Yesterday night was a nightmare for me, because this is my second time i quarrel with KL girls. My very first time is on Jan 2010, i think is before Chinese New Year. Life at KL really horrible.
Seriously, i dont like the busy and selfish life over here. Opps! Suddenly miss my hometown, Sarikei so much. T-T

I live in hostel triple bedroom whereas 1 malay girl and another is chinese girl. Nearly 2 months i was study there. Ohya, recently im student. Not working. Why we always feel different when working or study? Anyone can tell me why?
Their behavior really drive me crazy. Always carry friends back to the hostel and chit-chat there. I really felt im in MARKET when i go back to my room. SuCKs~!

While the chinese girl always fight for the single bed. If follow the hostel rules, single bed is give to those who come in first. Got one time, she thrown my towel aside~!! OMG, if want to take away is it cant ask me first?
Huh, so i just leave KL yesterday! Suddenly i hate the life over there.
Now im at Kuantan. Having relax life here. So peaceful.xD

God is listen to me.♥
This early morning, my block worden is calling and asking what happen to me. She is nice, helping me to solve these stuffy.Thanks God. 

Now at Terengganu xP, my boy's house. Having a great dinner here. He know im so stress at KL, even though he is tiring and fall sick, he still bring me hanging around and try to make myself relax.

This is because he knew that study is not an easy thing.
Here is some random photos taking under sunshine, an awesome day today in my dear car!!♥ 
  Thanks my dear^^muack

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