Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Life is complicated! ><''

My goodness! Sigh. 
Exam is coming soon but i still hanging around, without touching any books. I really out of my control, my mind keep on asking me escape from exam! Am i scare of it? Perhaps im phobia with E X A M! 

Now i start to miss the moment in clinical placement. Gain a lot of awesome experience there! Start to remember how fierce and strict are the staff  in the hospital. T^T
It really bring a lot of  memorable things. 

Undeniable that im so ugly without makeup. LOL, unacceptable!

Yahh.. Can you see me? Im the 1st from the left. =)

The pretty gal sitting there is Amy! damn cute right?
Ya.. I'm still standing from the left, 1st, then is Dodo, Lyn and Jasmine. =)

I'm the camera gal, the photo nice or not? ><''
Yah.. Extra gal standing there.. Winnie the pooh! 

After practical we need to finish an assignment, why we need to do this kind of stuff? Sobs, sometimes really felt that living in this world really meaningless! But i think i shouldn't having this kind of stupid and negative thinking. Life is full of challenges, im not dare to deal with it. Not enough confident.

So, all my friends who will having final exam soon, add more oil ( 75 super is kindly recommended here ) and don't give up easily. Due to God haven't give up on us! So keep ur faith always!
All the best ya! =)


Recently take jor few photos with Vinc. I'm so surprise that so many friends in Facebook L I K E it. Shy shy owh! Thanks a lot, appreciate it! Damn Happy! ><'' 

LOL, i also dunno why i take this kind of funny photo. But i love it so much! =P

Yah.. All these photos can see in my Facebook! =P
Today is 201 days with my beloved one. Hope my love never end, God bless!

That's all from today. 
Good night lah, sweet dream all my dear friends..

Pls: Even life is full of complication but nothing can beat us down, remember our enemy always ourselves, okay? Cheers! 



  1. It is simple, but we are looking for complicated life.

    "Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius -- and a lot of courage -- to move in the opposite direction." Albert Einstein

  2. Waw. such a meaningful phrase that i ever heard, thanks for the comment.
    I wish i can make the life simple! =D