Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My Magical Journey

Honestly, I'm not a fan of any movie. Even Vinc ask me go to the < c i n e m a >,  I never be the 1st to choose any screening! ><'' My choice always be CINCAI. 

However, this movie tempting me a lot.

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

LOL, I was in the movie poster too! 

During lectures in hall, I always heard my course-mates whispering about this movie! Gosh, the story sound like wondrous, amazing, marvelous and unpredictable journey! My brain started to stimulate my cells to create some fancy imagination. Weeee..

Yah, my stories begin. Lots of stuffs crush into my mind. 

I want to be Narnia partner! Gosh, i cant believe i was holding her hand and run into the fantasy world named Equiv! We need to wait for the galaxy to respond the vigorous power toward us to enter the Equiv! But my heartbeat increase lea, i quite scare she staring me like that. =.='' I want to be your best friend lah..

My goodness! Aslan is there. By the way, he look fierce! However, after Narnia told me about him, in actual life, he is a wise, compassionate, magical authority; mystics and benignant guide to the naive children who visit, as well as guardian and saviour of Narnia. 

Narnia and my story begin!! Lots of scary things occur then, damn scary nasty and disgusting!! But there are also some gorgeous scene ever look like heaven as well! 

First and foremost! This is my team member and lead by Narnia!

I saw a lot of scene that i never meet before on earth! My dear, dreaming also never make me so exited!><''

 I never believe i can take such a wonderful picture there. The colours of all the trees there are following rainbow colours!

However, there are also something that scare me a lot!T^T

We saw 2 little devils following behind us! It never make sense to me! They trying to kill us but failed, Narnia and her follower friends use magic and power to fight back them. Huhu! What a horrible and exited fight ever.

I saw a girl has been cursed by a  Equiv wall-evil, she advice us to be cautious to her. She is most evil among the devils! She can curse anyone to anything she like. What a unforeseeable things for us! I thought this kind of evil only occurs in fairy tales. She did show us the photo of her. 


This is her and her pet, Hairies.

Arggh, but we cant find her out. Nothing weird is going on. We keep on seeking by using the magic and the help of human natural. But mission failed. We started to worry.

Narnia begin to discuss with Aslan. Yah, it was so complicated. Some-while later wars and fights between us and devils begin. It was so exited and never experience such a superb thing! =D

Edmund fighting against the Equiv wall-evil's followers!

Do you want to know the following things happen in this story?
Let you see the Header of this short video. =)

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I'm waiting for your new adventure..
See you there!


  1. lol some of the picture really made me LOL

  2. Hahaha.. Bad Jamie.. =P
    Laugh me.><'' I really put a lot of effort to do it. Just hope to win my 1st 3D ticket to this screening.. LOL..