Thursday, November 25, 2010

Ojibala.. ><''

Today I finish my theory paper! It seem like damn happy coz no need to memorize those weird name again, even when i enter the exam hall im still unable to remember most of them. Dunno how students nowadays can memorize things so well?! Salute them! 
Now I left my practical paper on next Monday, going to suffer soon. T.T

Previously study with Christy at Old Town, Jaya One there, actually quite noisy but at least we can concentrate a bit cos we pay for it! LOL

LOL, another emo photo, the notes behind there is done by Christy, heheh! Luckily got her help me to complete the notes!

Finally the theory notes can temporary put aside!=D

Nahhh, stop talking about exam, another practical waiting me to finish it. Sigh, wish i can do well then, Gambateh my dear Jacqueline. 


Today after exam I go directly to Mid Velley, LOL. With Christy and Jocelyn. =)
We having a wonderful dinner at Spaghetti's shop opposite The Garden. <3

1st time im enjoy the real taste of Italy food. It is awesome! Anyway, it really make me want to eat again! Gosh, undeniable that im increase in weight nowadays! My short pant is so tight! WTH. =(

Nahh, here is the menu of the shoppie. ><''

I order pizza, what pizza i cannot remember jor lea. How poor is my memory, short term one. Damn it!



Pasta i only get 1 picha, due to cannot stand for starving! ><

Look delicious?><''
Ya, enjoy my dinner so much, so sad i just left my resit behind. It is cheap and tasty. 
I bought jor hair dying stuff, so far I saw Joey's hair damn attract me lea, SO I DETERMINE TO BUY TODAY, LOL..=D

Joey!! I bought jor Liese! Now Waston offer lea, ONLY RM34.20!
But i just simply buy the colour lea. Dunno suitable or not. Cannot wait for 30 November! We shopping at Bukit Bintang area with CJJJ! I miss the moment we singing together.. =P

Yahh, last but not least, did you miss me? Hahah, such a long time i din appear my real face on my blog already, here is it, it was taken on last week if not mistaken! LOL, always laugh myself when i saw i wear empty spec glass, WTH. Anyway, it really make me looks better, isn't?

Anyway, my love said im look FAT wor, i dunno is real or not. ><''
Imagine what i will look like after dying the brown colour? Use photoshop to edit 1st, LOL. 

Time to bed, is super tired tonight! Thanks Christy and Jocelyn accompany me to watch Harry Potter without watching any episode of it. Weird is it? During screening, Christy keep on explain the character and past history of this story, Yahh.. Is a nice and exited movie! LOL, NO REGRETS! 

Good Night and Sweet Dream! =)


  1. those pizzasss!

    can you do me a favour? can you help me vote for my picture here

    tq : ))

  2. so nice oh eat at spaghetti! bo jio! u fat meh? ok bah :)

  3. muz faster try the liese !!! =P

  4. Henry: LOL, Im trying to decrease my weight as well, prepare for photoshoot and CNY..x)

    Joey: Yer, my hair so long, plan to cut jor then just dye. Some more want to straighten 1st. ><''
    Wait for my new image! LOL

  5. today i bought liese too !! gimme 5! but haven try it out yet....

    actuali wut's d means of "ojibala"??

  6. Five!! Five Five!!!
    LOL ;P
    OJIBALA? erm, actually it meant ''Mixing of many stuffs'' but in slang way..

    When u just dye? Share when we're done! <3