Thursday, November 4, 2010

MIFW 2010

8th Malaysian-International Fashion Week (MIFW)!! 
Is launching from 2-6 November 2010. 


First and foremost, I would like to admit something here. I'm always the one outdated in my gangs! I'm always trying hard to follow the fashion style nowadays. 

Since i know what is fashion, around 8 years old that time, i was so admire the superb slim body figure of those models. I wish one day i could realize my dream that stand on the stage, wearing those fashion + stylish clothes! Of course with super nice posing and attractive cat walk. =P

Here is 2009's MIFW. My favorite fashion clothes! x)
Giving some feelings in writing form. 

Free style with extreme freedom and look glamor!

Yah, this give me some feelings of angle and fairy tales! I love it so much, how good the model in the picture is me. =D
*If compare with her, i think i consider obese!*

Gosh, this one look damn simple, and so fashionable even just a piece of cloth! ><''

Want to view more on MIFW 2009? click here.

Review done. 


View jor? Is her, Kinki blue Fairy, one of my fav blogger! Perfect right?
She let me know about what is fashion in simple way. =) 

Yah.. I'm so lucky that i got took picha with her in temptation party! 

Simple is one of the way to show that you are fashion. I love her style so much! Always unique and got her own style. No one can be compared with her. Even in this picha she is simple but extremely sexy! Grraww..

Aiks, too many choice for me to choose! ><''

Okay, non of them attract me. Sigh, which only make me more fashionable? Really have to screw my brain in order to extract all the good idea. Arrghh.

Yahh.. Finally I want to make myself turn into princess! 
Just don't laugh me if my makeup get zero mark. And already quite a long time im not expose to fashion world already. Hope after MIFW i able to become one of them. =P

Nice hair? I love it so much! XD

Yahh.. This is my most stylish outfit that i will wear to MIFW 2010.
* Small princess!*

By the way......

 Maxis is giving away shopping vouchers for you to splurge on, and exclusive, money-can’t-buy passes to the MIFW Gala on 6 November (Saturday)!
The MIFW Gala is all about glitz and glamour, where designers such as 
Tengku Syahmi, Jonathan Liang,
 Syaiful Baharim, Kavita,
 Radzuan Radziwill and Bernard Chandran
 will be showcased on the catwalk. Details of the Gala are as below:
Date: 6 November 2010 (Saturday)
Time: 8.00 pm
Venue: Centre Court, Pavilion KL
Dress Code: Formal, Red Carpet Glamour
For more details pls click
For more information on MIFW, log on to
Are you ready? Don't forget to check this out!
See you there!!!


  1. MIFW gala is this saturday, i tot u at kuantan?

  2. Yah.. I'm at kuantan, enjoying honey moon, lol. Just write for fun. ><''

  3. Hahaha.. but u smarter than me mah. Din study also can score higher mark, unexpected! xD
    damn jealous lah

  4. hey! congratulation, u won runner up for this contest.. =)


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