Saturday, April 5, 2014

6th Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2014 #Putrajaya

Too much of post need to update and almost forgot this post. UPDATE UPDATE!

It was 29 March 2014, Saturday morning, as I want to SLEEEEP. But bf he drag me up and kept saying FAST FAST FAST -.-

Yea, he scare we might be late for 6th Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2014! 

Early morning view from Putrajaya!

Yeah, I slept throughout the journey to Putrajaya from Klang. It takes me around 40 mins. Wondering how strong is he, I knew he had coffee the day before and he slept at 5am, yet he still able to drive from Klang to Putrajaya.

Awesome man ever. 

Yeah, my eyes, still swollen. LOL, and his typical face. 

Lots of ppl are queuing. Can see from very far and far far away.

They are actually using fire to boost in the air, so that the hot air balloon actually can stand on it.

Each hot air balloon slowly get up ;)
Kinda exited, wondering if one of the balloon is not being blow up, how arh? *very stupid question* lol

Cannot see so clear, because I only have a semi-pro camera, really wish i have a DSLR.

Think this picture was the most creepy picture ever! Star warrrrrrrrr x)

Because of HAZE it makes the photos even worse. 

Haze nowadays on and off. Sigh, wanna kept myself from falling sick. Hope everything going well *pray hard*

After taking pictures with all the hot air balloons, we decided to walk around and have a look!

Btw the balloon all ready to go 2 floor high!
RM20 per person, only 180 ppl will be recruit in the morning and night session!

Selling clothes for RM3, see the white colour t guy? That's my boy! Jenguk jenguk there lol

And also admission to PIHABF. Can see and touch the real hot air balloon!

Yeap, can touch and feel it. But yeah maybe i am lazy soooooooo i didn't try to get it. 
Also many stores around! Moving Pizza Hut, KFC, Mamee etc etc!

Yeah, the hand doesn't belong to me or my bf! lol

I heard that if you pay RM180 and u can experience on Helicopter! Lots of thing is happening. Perhaps I am too tired and lazy to play with it because it was 8-9am smth in the morning only!

After that, went back home TIDUR x)



  1. niceee! last time i studied there also never go. haha

  2. I think the Darth Vader one was really cool though! XD Looks like you had lots of fun but it must have been really hot with the haze too > <

  3. Kendrick: Yaloooooo. Nice!!

    Henry: Must go at least 1 time leh. x)

    Hanie: Yeap, the haze spoil the environment a lot