Thursday, April 24, 2014

Neo Girl Party by Herbal Essences

Neo Girl Party by Herbal Essences!
Thank you, Cheesie boss for the invitation!
The location was at The Roof, nearby One Utama!


We are so lucky because me and my buddies are all invited, but but but no extra friends can be invited, ehmmmm seems like my friend list are quite limited! WHO WANNA BE MY FRIEND? XD

Okays, let me start with my OOTD with dear Christy.

Yeap, we got get invitation, but no plus one to bring D:

Ohya, we got a chance to design our goodies bag with colourful pen! :D
Lots of magazine like MINA, VIVI and English Fashion Magazine to get there!
Nuffnang crew told us that lot's of booth to let us try out and become Neo Girl, super exited!

Opps, Im accidentally captured in this picture.

Thank you Joey for helping us take leng leng picture!

Presented by this leng lui event crew, thank you for teaching us colour our hair step by step. Your patience I appreciate it a lot, if not we cant get colourful hair on that day!

Spot our pink colour hair! Selfie with Joey!
There's lots of girly booth on that day, here's the cup cake design booth!

And this is the hair pin, earing design booth!

We can select our favourite flower design, and use the gum gun to stick on it. *EASY STEP*
There's hair band design booth too but but too crowded, so I decided to go 

And here is the tatoo spray booth!

And here is it! 

Presented by Ben Dan, sexy neck she have :D
Moving to another booth, nail polish booth. BTW me myself still prefer a clean nail, as I do a lot of housework, and for certain personal reason, i stop polish my nail since few years back

And there's some tidbits!

Too bad I didn't get any food that day, people are too crowded, food finished damn fast, only manage to get some fruits D:

The Roof design really nice! :D
And also performance from local artist!

OKAY, now group picture with all fehmes bloggers! Start with Chukei from She is a model, blogger and a DJ! Start to fall in love with her day by day~

Angie, Me, Christy, Jane, Joey!

Angie, Me, Christy, Jane, Renae!

Me, - Audrey, Angie and Renae! Audrey is a sexy mum of fighter, her beloved son! Wish I can still sexy and charming like her when Im a mum next time XP

5 of us finally in a picture! Love this shoot! Selfie camera still always the best choice for girls XD

I think the best part is i manage to take pic with all my fav bloggers!

Nana is a fashion and lifestyle blogger, Chuckei i intro before jor :D
Cheesie is my favourite blogger! She now is 7 month pregnant mum yet she still so charming, sexy and elegant! And she always perfect role I can learn, follow among bloggers :D

And I also met Li Chuen and Melody :D

With pretty bloggers!

We manage to take a group photo :)

And we design photos from photo booth!

Yeap, event continue with choosing hairdo and chit chat with famous bloggers!

Seriously cant get a nice group photo :(
TOO MANY CAMERA blocking our view, guess this best shoot only nice, from Joey!

Event followed by Hairdo session by Number76 

Christy chosen to design by Number76, super cool! And she won the best dress on that day too!

Congratulation to all the winners!

After that, event end with DJ Jane in the club!

She looks so perfect during play disc! Cool :D
Talent DJ for future!

Thank you for spending time to read my blog, Thank you Nuffnang for the event, and Thank you Cheesie for the invitation!

More details on:
Herbal Essences 



  1. cool party! Next time can bring me :P

  2. Miriam: Thank you! I will bring u go next time if any <3