Tuesday, April 22, 2014

MAHSA Carnival 2014 - House of Humerus

MAHSA University, it is my university!
4 years back, it called as MAHSA College, then changed to MAHSA University College and now MAHSA University!

4 years back, when I first enter MAHSA, it is full of construction, nothing there and only 3 food stalls - Malay, Indian and Chinese food stalls. But now, MAHSA got a lot of facilities like Glass House, book store, variety of food stalls, included western food, classic indian food, which is my favorite!

MAHSA Glass House, a very nice place to chill at MAHSA University if you free stress! Love the place so much, and the price is so much cheaper than outside, food nice too! Finally MAHSA got it, we can have our tea time and desserts to distressed ourselves ;)


And also MAHSA first time organise MAHSA Carnival on 12 April and it is quite successful!

*I'm only turn in my topic now. Paiseh*

Yeap, they make MAHSA Carnival damn creative and I love the way they design it too!

AND we open our booth for our ONLINE SHOP - HOUSE OF HUMERUS!

It is own by 3 of us.

Story of our FRIENDSHIP:
We are 3 buddy since 4 years back, when first year we met at Auditorium MAHSA. Our friendship started that time. I have no idea how and when we start to become blogger together too! Maybe Christy lead the crowd first? Then both of us started to be come blogger! XD

And now we own a online shop, our dream is to share the good stuffs to everyone!
So we decided to sell our House Of Humerus stuffs on that day. A great experience ever XP

Busy arranging all the accessories.

Yeap, our booth. We are so lucky because we are facing the people coming in MAHSA.

Our various accessories. All are my favorite collection.

More items, pls go to our FACEBOOK or INSTAGRAM and see yaaaa.

There's a lot of performance too.

There's lot of other shop too!

Art corner.

Varies type of booth that day!

There's accessories and cloth booths too!
Also ESCAPE ROOM. BTW maybe i not smart enough *slow enough* to play, only Christy go and play it. And if i couldn't escape im sure i will cry inside. LOL.

Kinda fun, and we had our first ever experience to open a small booth! Business start XD

DO support us! Like and Follow us! HOUSE OF HUMERUS.

Thank you for your support!
Any order you can whatsapp us, facebook us or email us at houseofhumerus@gmail.com

We order every week. SO PLACE YOUR ORDER to be Fashion today!

*If you want to study at MAHSA UNIVERSITY now, I think it is quite a good decision as a lot of fun will be there, as MAHSA nowadays is quite happening compared to few years back!*


More information:
MAHSA University


  1. woah didnt knew u went there, too bad i was working that day >.<

  2. Kendrick: Yalor, nvr. Support us next time :D