Sunday, October 3, 2010

Day with Vaseline Party..=)

What an amazing party that i ever go through!=)
I invite my boy, Vinc go with me..
Let share some photos that grasp from Amy! Love her photo shoot! 

This is my boy..Vinc
Although we quarrel a lot! but nothing can separate us!=P

Now is Amy turn..
I cannot believe i manage to meet her in this lovely party. She is so nice to talk, mix, and look so cute with her pinkish's dress! What i cannot believe is her partner is her MUM! 
Look so young!>,<

Amy, don't forget to support her!=)

Amy and Vinc!
Thanks Amy for helping me shooting lots of nice photos^^

Lastly is me is it?xD
I love my make up..Is done my Irene.
I cant believe Amy will upload this photo to her blog! *Touch*

Ya, she is  Irene that i mention, nice make it so much!

She is Lancome Design Artist which from Subang. 
She is standing 2nd from right.=)
If you want to find people then you can consider her! Her make up skills damn nice!
Can you see any pimples on my face?
NO, right?>.<


In the Party..
I met her, Aud.. She is so nice to talk!=D

I enjoy a lot in the party, crazy around to get know with other bloggers. All look so pretty and handsome that night. Awesome! I really appreciate it. =)

Yahh..She is my Buddy, Joey.. She is the luckiest girl on the party!=)
Want to know why? I also want it!
Go her blog and ask her..She get the SPA voucher in lucky draw. How lucky is her. 

Joey's and her partner, Hui Min. 2 leng lui here..><

Joey and me, she look so nice with the long dress!

Actually i don't really dare to talk to other bloggers. Shy what. Other bloggers like Liki, and lots of them i cant remember their name already! Sorry about that!=P

I love this dress! Present by him. I get this dress at last minute and luckily i manage to go to the party in time. Thanks Vinc. x)

Not much of nice photos i took it last night due to my poor camera. Aiks! Hope you all enjoy the photos!

Some nonsense photos i SS here..><
All look funny!><

Look so tired. Serious, enjoy the party but it is worth!=D

Thanks Nuffnang and Vaseline!=D


Night ya! Damn tired already. 
=====*Sweet dream*=====


  1. wow!!! awesome party !! and you really look great in that dress !!!

  2. hey there.

    hope you had a good time at the event

  3. hey hey, I was there too... too bad didn't see you there..

  4. Ya, I have a lot of fun in this awesome party!=)
    Hope next time can see you all!

  5. you look gorgeous in the outfit! nice hair + nice dress and nice make up :D