Saturday, October 16, 2010

I'm at Kuantan..=)

My menstrual hunting me yesterday morning! I'm having extreme abdominal pain until i woke up in the early morning at 5am. I think most of the girls having the same problem right? But why i'm so suffer in yesterday morning?

I cant wake up totally! Having pain over whole body. Some more i'm having fever because shivering and hide in the blanket for hours! Can't sleep at all. ><''  Do you know what is the most painful part of our body? Ya. I tell you now. 

1- Toothache!

Agree? I'm in 3rd condition.  It can make your whole day in suffer and bad mood and cant do anything except sleeping! agree? However i still went to the class and most of my friends ask me go back and take rest wor. I don't want to miss a thing in my life. Especially the lecture.

Kidding, actually Friday morning having a small test but i escape jor. Will study hard next time and don't want to miss anything in the class. and i miss jor the meeting by Mdm Chan, luckily i didn't get scold. This meeting was discuss about the clinical placement at Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL). Lily had told me all the procedure so don't worry about me! x)

Ya, next week i'm having practical at HKL. For us and most of the seniors, they scare of this place! I haven't been there so cannot comment anything here. Good luck to all my friends who having practical there and me too! Hope everything going smoothly! =)

Sorry if i didn't update ya!=P
will come back after 2 weeks. But i think loath to do anything after that. My final is coming on the end of November! Damn, sure suffer of assignment and revision! I hate it! T-T


Move to main topic today! Now i'm at Kuantan, with beloved one, Vinc. Tears drop when i saw him last night. Quarreling non-stop since last week really make us nearly lost each other. Thanks for the concern, now everything return normal. I don't want to loss him, just want him to be my only one in my life.

Actually what is happen?

Ya, is my fault. I hurt him, cause i break my promise. I want to work since i study, who don't want to earn extra pocket money? Especially for students! Everything beside us tempting us to buy! 
I know i'm kinda a greedy girl, but i will try my best to reduce and cut some excessive usage in my life. 
*at least i tried*

But God is testing my patient. I lost in this game. Too many thing i need to buy and pay. T^T I really fall into deep depression and felt that world is totally meaningless to me. Every time i try to reduce daily cost but always end up with high expenses. 

Why this world love to play jokes with me? wtf. Finally i decide to work part time at KL. Who knows Vinc disagree me to work at all. I know he is worry about my safety and some more the place i stay is KL, who don't worry about me? Ya, but my stubbornness lead me to do the decision without discuss with him. He don't care me after that. I cried from that night until last night. Although he sleep beside me, my tears still drop. I scare i lost him one day. I cannot survive without him if he is leaving me one day. He already become part of my life, in my heart. 

Ya, I love him deeply. Even when i write this post the same thing happen to me. He told me last night. ''I cant guarantee what i will do next time if u re-do the same mistake''. Human always do mistake in life over right?

Ya, I try my best okay? Vinc. Forgive my childishness. 

*I just try to not be a burden to you, dear. You help me a lot already. I don't want to make you feel tension and stress in this relationship.*
But he said not at all. What a loyal man, he is my true love. Who can replace him in my heart? NO ONE. 

To find a suitable partner not an easy thing. Appreciate everyone beside you before it is too late. Ya, luckily i still own him. Is glad and proud to have him as my man. Because he really a good and caring man that i ever met. Hope we can reduce quarreling after that.

You know? Love each other is easy but is hard to communicate and deal with every single relationship. Sometimes quarrel did make us gain experience but sometimes can make us lost and hurt each other. So think before you quarrel. I just realize it last night. =)

Good luck and stay happy blissful to all my friends who are in relationship and those in marriage life too! 

Have a nice day! Vinc always be mine! =P

LOL. not this. but he is cow also. Vinc is Moo Moo. xP

Bye and Have a awesome weekend! *Hugs*


  1. aww jiayou! i know you can make it. you can work after you graduate. believe in your partner if he said it's not a burden at all. maybe it's, but he just want to be protective. glad that you've a bf that loves you so much!

  2. Ooki. Thanks Jamie baby, appreciate ur advice. I promise i won't hurt him again. =)

    Hope you are sweet with ur lover too!

    See you on December. <3
    *cant wait for it*

  3. Ken: Thanks.. I don't want to be loser. =P

    Have a nice day!

  4. Appreciate ur love before it is too late. (: