Saturday, October 9, 2010

Study mode off already! >.<''

LOL, after yesterday exam i cannot open the book to study again! wtf
I chit-chat with my friend until yesterday midnight until my bf ask me go back home, you know lah, girls who don't love sam bat? >.<''  I knew something yesterday, normally who can chat longer with you means both of you have a lot of similarities! =D


Is my Vinc turn to fall sick, sigh. I just recovered from fever, am i spreading the virus to him? LOL. Hope he can beat the viral as soon as possible! I know you can do it baby!

Look like fatty in the photo! Sobs!
but in real life i thin few KG already. *thumbs up*

Hey, yesterday i went to Mid Velly alone. No one want to accompany me. LOL. I bought a lot of food stuffs, seem to like a housewife. No wonder Vinc always laugh me AH MA..T.T
I love cooking what. but guys always prefer going out for lunch or it true?>.<''

Got scare of this photo? Perhaps. Cos i didn't make up.. sigh, damn lazy to touch those cosmetic stuffs. Somemore yesterday weather look like want to raining. So my roommate said better don't make up or else my make up might gone jor. xD

Poor blogger need to wait for bus to go mid velly! LOL. But public transport is very cheap, just maybe the safety of us cannot be guarantee lah. So many weird human passing on the road for any second on our life.
*same to taxi, even more dangerous*

Nah.. What a housewife done. LOL
Even i back to hometown I always go supermarket with my Beloved Mum to shop! This food stuffs can let me survive for few weeks. Have to break my record that i also can use minimum of $$!

Any planning on this lovely and sunshine weekend?
For me..
Impossible for me to open the book to study..
I think nothing can do or sleeping is the most suitable thing to let me do!

Have a nice and pleasant day All My Friends!=)


  1. you look pretty not fat! >__< don't say that =P

    & wow you so independent,can cook by urself hee..I'm a horrible cook but okay baker :D

  2. haha! Okok.. perhaps i can teach u one day!=D

    Just my bf always said im fat jor...T.T

  3. nah, i think ur bf is just teasing you haha,don't worry I think all the gals feel the same one. Curse all the media influence of anorexic gals! =P

  4. Merrinette: Thanks Babe. Loves*

    Half Naked Latte: LOL, agree with u babe, no girls will ever satisfy with their body shape. =P