Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sick Sick Sick! T.T

Damn it! I really loath to do anything now! I feel so sick now. Flu, sore-throat, and cough seem hunting me from last Sunday!  wtf. Anything can let me recover faster?
Most probably  i was immune of those things!

Impossible i cant recover since so long already. Huh, yesterday i slept whole day again. From 7pm i sleep until 7am this morning! 12 hours i slept just because i took the Bena Expectorant that can threat cough. It seem not working at all. Tomorrow i have a formative exam that similar as final exam!


But i haven't finish doing my revision. Some more i dunno what to study! wtf, really hate my study life. How can i manage to organize my time wisely? No time management at all. Next 2 week is my practical week. Guess where I practical? 
Most of seniors really refuse to training there.
Hospital Kuala Lumpur. 

*I haven't revise anything that medical staffs could ask me*
Prepare to get scold by them soon. LOL

I get a shock news from my brother and Vinc that my hometown shop get burn! Gosh, luckily not the Shell station having fire! If  not i cannot imagine what will happen to Sarikei, perhaps it will gone forever. 
Appreciate ur life. Start it now. 

Took it from You-Tube. Hiah, Not only the shops collapse but I heard a bad news after that, a retired fireman was killed in fire. He was retired before the incident but dunno why he still step in lend a hand to other firemen. 

*Click In to READ*

Most serious incident happen in my hometown i think. Is an old shop. 5 shop houses was completely burned.
This newspaper is my mum email to me one! Miss my family so much! =(

A new day begin again. I cannot finish my thick Anatomy, Kinesiology, Movement and Structure! and also Assessment books. wtf. I guarantee no good result tomorrow!

Wish me luck ya!=)
Jacqueline Add Oil! LOL..

BTW.. show u all some photos..

Thin right? I cant believe i was so thin during CNY.
They are my Form 6 classmates. All seem like Ji Mui..=)
Gather everytime if we are in hometown, but previous Raya celebration I cant meet them up. Such a shame. Sorry and next time we will meet up again k?
Miss you all!=)

Have a nice day all my friends! 


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  2. Thanks Gillion. Appreciate it so much..

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