Friday, October 1, 2010

Something I want to say.. x)

Here i want to intro a good blogger which always teach us how to use facial products, take good care of our skin and also how to let you be a fashion baby. Damn nice!
Even the skills of make up can beat the POP-STAR! LOL. so must take a look ya!

 If you're ABC or banana then I cant help you, LOL. Is created by Taiwan's Blogger! All are in Chinese. I really impress her make up!
All her teaching and tutorial ways are in GIF forms. =D

Some more she is damn pretty and cute. Love her blog and always follow her!x)


Don't forget to visit her! She is same age with me.
Only 21 years old this year. Damn jealous! 

My goodness! I also fall in love with her! Cuttie.. =D
She is pretty nice and got her email on the header there. You can email to her ask some question. She might be reply you? LOL, I haven't try it. Wait for ur respond.



Okay, move to another topic. Recently i fall in love with COSPLAY.
I knew a girl from Japan and she is taking Engineering. What make me surprise is she love to Cosplay all the time! Gosh, she even younger than me.
She told me that Cosplay is part of her life. =)
Just like me, I love blogging and *ban leng leng* go out *gai gai*..>.<''
This is my life. LOL

Sweat lah, why so many Cantonese languague and slang? Sigh, I know my English level drops again! T.T

Her name is Mai, 舞..such a cool name!

Are you ready to view her amazing Cosplay Photos? patient! Share something..>,<
She is twins and try to guess which one is her brother?Look alike isn't?

Ya, love to view her photos. Her brother name is 葵, love the name so much! =P

 Lastly, I love this photo a lot a lot!!!! You will too. Believe me!
 *Screaming everytime when i saw this photo!* 
make me miss my Vinc so much! >.<

Is it? I don't lie you right? LOL

 This is her latest cosplay photo. Love it. Wonder when i just got chance to be like her?
Okay, start to fall in love with COSPLAY? Ya, i'm falling deeply onto it!=P 
Love the photo shooting skills too. Damn nice. 

Sharing is caring.=D
Please make sure you find out the reality before you start to blame people. Lawyer sue people also require PROVE, right? Enjoy your day, make your life easy and full of meanings!

Show something to make you nightmare 1st!LOL
This is my shortest hair that i had cut before, How is it? Is it scary or sweet?

Pls: Don't get cheated. =P
It was my form 5/6 photo. LOL.

Have a nice day babe!x)



  1. Mai chan! =3 She's soooo cute lah! But I haven add her yet =P

    Aoi kun's cute too >< Look so alike wei~

  2. LOL, go add her. She will chat with you one. Same with her brother but i dun chat with him..>.<