Monday, August 24, 2015

Guinness Amplify 2015 - Curates, Laundry Bar @ The Curve

Spent my last Friday Night with Guinness Amplify - CURATES at Laundry Bar, The Curve, with amazing local artists! Who're they?

After heavy workload over weekdays, definitely it is the night for PARTY! Specially thanks to Manoah and Guinness for having me again for this awesome Live Band Party, so that I can throw away all my stress and stress over the past few days!

What a great place to hang out, nice and classic design by The Laundry Bar.

Had myself a Guinness first before The Curates start! BTW saw a very creative white stone with the name of Jumero written on, to match up the their new album - Stepping Stones :)

I'm actually learning how to drink Guinness last few months, since most of my friends they're so addict to it. Yeah, now I know how they felt already, the more you drink the more your love for Guinness is deeper. No kidding. I had 2 glass of Guinness on the night itself! And I'm not drunk :P

Soon the first performance is by Natallie Ng. She's an Acoustic, Indie Pop and Singer-songwriter! Love her songs because she singing like telling stories to everyone, how cute is she!

Great and lovely performance by Natallie on the night itself. Do check out her channel on Youtube -

Next performance by Crinkle Cut Music Band. Members are Frances Thomas (Vocalist), Melissa Wong (Guitarist), Grace Foo (Keyboardist) as well as Ashley Choong (Percussionist) and their trend all in Electo Acoustic. On the night itself there're some technical problem, but they're super friendly as they're having great interaction with us, with a lot of funny jokes!

We all enjoying a lot with their Electric Acoustics musics. Check out their music on their YouTube Website at - :)

Lastly, the most AWAITING band by all of us - Jumero! Congratulation to your successful New Album - Stepping Stone! Knowing them well on last Guinness Amplify (Check out them HERE)! Great music they've!

Jumero members stand of Jared Lim (Guinness, Lead Vocals, Song Writer), Micheal Lim (Bass, Piano, Vocals) and also Ryan David Gomes (Drummer, Percussions, Vocals).

Their musics included acoustic hippie beach pop, soft rock, indie and chill pop! 3 of them becoming a band from friends, starting on 2012, they've been performing, jamming and creating music together for much much longer than that. Check out their YouTube Channel for more musics - :D

Definitely will support them all the time, and I'm proud because Malaysia also have such amazing artists! All the best to all of them! Get myself a Jumero stickers, they're selling T-shirts too!


Beside enjoying all these nice musics, not forget about my blogger friends! BTW met beautiful Coco at the event as well.

Selfies with bloggers time :D

With Koey!

With Sandy, know her few years already and still that pretty :P

From right, Joanna, Me, Sandy and Yumi! Nice to meet you all girls and hope can see you all again, as well as joining next Guinness Amplify Event ;)

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  1. I am actually going there on Sept.10 to attend a friend's gig. Nice to see that the pricing of their beer is affordable. Thanks for sharing :D

  2. Wow! Is that more bitter taste to drink Guiness? I have never tasted it before myself. I like how their design the album cover with faces without eyes, nose etc : ) Very special!

  3. Natalie Ng is a really good singer. Caught her once before. And Guinness is awesome!

  4. wow what a ladies night out. Hehe.. recall this last year they have also but I didn't know of it. But same night I was at food review ecurve :D

  5. Gorgeous bloggers at a gorgeous party... Pretty awesome.. I never actually been inside Laundry... Only outside it.. Heheh

  6. hhm reminds me of when I was in high school and my dad orders guiness for me at the coffee shop after picking me up from school..yea crazy.

  7. The venue looks amazing! Made me wish i could join the party too :p

    Aliza Sara

  8. This is such an awesome musical event.. I'm sure you enjoy yourself to the maximum!

  9. Looks like it was an amazing party. And Omg I love your outfit, actually all the girls had amazing outfits on.

  10. I can't drink to even save my life...but hey, this looks so fun! :) glad you had a wonderful time there.

  11. Guiness! awesome wehhh! btw who doesn't love live performances with good beers~~ <3

  12. Wow..miss times like these lol used to be able to hold me beer the whole night now can't even finish one pint XD

  13. Yay glad that you enjoyed your night with beer!! I, myself, can't drink at all haha..

  14. I always love live band music, plus a pint of Guinness, I can truly enjoy myself whole night long there at the party :)

  15. happening event! glad to see you enjoy yourself there!

    here's to Guinness! :D

  16. You always go to Guiness party huh.. Next time bring me together can? haha

  17. Pretty ladies in the pretty place. Wish to join you all too. haha

  18. Wow, the event so happening!! You looked enjoy it so much^^

  19. Good you see you in that event! Miss you babe! :)


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